15 Youtubers Who Were Loaded Before Fame (2022)

Money is a very taboo topic of conversation, but that doesn’t mean nobody is interested. Youtube is full of rags to riches stories, with creators showing off their Gucci sneakers and Cartier bracelets reflecting on a past when they couldn’t afford rent or food. Of course, riches to riches stories are compelling in their own way too, especially in the intimate way of Youtube. People can forge an entire career out of showing their cameras what they bought at Nordstrom, and the lives of the uber-rich draw us in for many reasons. Sometimes it’s curiosity, sometimes it’s jealousy, sometimes it’s total shock. Even though we might never be anything like these people, vloggers can make dropping $8000 on bags and shoes feel normal and even fulfilling. Through them, we can understand what it’s like to have these experiences without ever going through it ourselves. Youtube allows audiences to feel close to the people they watch, appealing to the universal desire we all share of having hot and rich best friends. You know what they say: “Reach for the stars, because the stars don’t have arms to reach for you!”

These are 15 Youtubers whose origins are less than humble, their journeys to fame gilded with pretty little objects and the mysterious flow of cash.

15 Gigi Gorgeous, Started From The Upper Middle Now She's Here!

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Giselle Lazzarato – Gigi for short – was born to a wealthy Canadian family and grew up near Toronto. While she wasn’t exactly rubbing shoulders with Drake, we can see evidence of her cushy upbringing in her 2009 staged “reality” series The Campus, largely filmed in suburban Toronto Mcmansions. Enormous beige houses don’t come cheap! Her father boasts an impressive resume with connections to major corporations like Bell, Alliance Films, and Allstream, which explains the steady flow of Louboutins, Balenciaga, and Michael Kors bags (remember those? Dark times...) in early videos. Gigi is currently dating Nats Getty, heiress to the prolific billionaire Getty dynasty. Unlike many Youtubers who came into money after starting their careers, Gigi has always lived a little bit lavishly. Not that she would have had any problem before, but if she plays her cards right with the Gettys, she’s going to be set for life. Extremely set.

14 Fleur De Force Before The Book Deal

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Fleur De Force is an OG vlogger from England who turned her penchant for chatting about shopping into an empire. Not uncommon in the world of Youtube Old Money, her family owns a number of car dealerships. Her husband, who is often featured in her work, is also the spawn of a car dealership empire. She did her schooling at the London School of Economics, where it seems every wealthy British person has gone at one point or another. An early Youtube success, Fleur pioneered the subscriber giveaway, haul videos, and swaps with other Youtubers - including with some mentioned on this list. Before Youtube was anybody’s primary source of income, these videos would not have been funded by ad revenue, so her myriad of designer bags and clothes are a true testament to her surroundings. Since starting her channel, she has participated in a number of massive ad campaigns and was one of the first Youtubers to release a lifestyle guidebook. Currently, she and her hubby are preparing to have their first silver-spoon born baby.

13 Estée Lalonde's Billionaire Secret

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Estée Lalonde was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, but is currently based in London, England. While she might currently be credited as a pioneer in the recent trend of the cute Instagram girl with the balayage long-bob (it’s definitely a thing), things weren’t always that way. Before starting her lifestyle-based Youtube channel, she was a regular Canadian girl who briefly experimented with having dreadlocks. While she appears to have had a comfortable middle class upbringing – even working in a mall Bath & Bodyworks – she struck gold when she met her boyfriend Aslan on Omegle, who is speculated to be the son of an exiled Kazakh billionaire. It’s all very hush-hush. After moving to the UK to be with him, they lived together in a £2 million home in central London. Even without her very lucrative Youtube career, Estée would still be buying $200 candles and walking her extremely expensive greyhound around London – only nobody would see it.

12 HRH Collection, The Real Housewife That Isn't (Yet)

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What does a woman do when she doesn’t really have to do anything? Start a jewelry line! While Alexandra Pierce’s HRH Collection jewelry line started to supplement her 9-5, her origins are a little less humble than you might be led to believe. She is the daughter of a prominent Republican Orange County family with ancestors who fought in the American Revolution. During the time Alexandra was engaged to her ex-fiancé, she made a series of videos instructing viewers how to host parties, do floral arrangements, and make cocktails, essentially guides to being a housewife. Her vlogs were always filmed in the large, empty seeming Los Angeles home of her fiancé. While this fiancé is now long gone, her jewelry line has been moderately successful outside of her Youtube career, spawning numerous copycat designers who proliferate through Instagram. What’s that saying about imitation being the highest form of flattery? At least she knows she’s made it.

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11 Charles Gross, Manhattan Royalty?

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Charles Gross admitted to his wealthy upbringing in the video I’m F*cking Rich!, created to address early viewers’ concerns over where he was getting the money to fund his designer purse collection. Despite his transparency, many viewers have doubted he is actually as rich as he claims. These people clearly have no idea how expensive it is to live in Manhattan. Before starting Youtube, Charles dabbled in the world of buying and selling Hermès Birkins to affluent Upper East Side moms – quite a feat at 19, but he has admitted that his business ventures have always been supported by his parents. Unfortunately, we live in a culture where everybody has the means to voice their very unhelpful opinions, and Charles is often on the receiving end. Despite being creative, open, friendly, and relatively successful, he is often criticized for being materialistic. Weirdly, this actually makes perfect sense considering he cultivated his personal brand around viewer interest in $10k handbags.He's rich, after all.

10 Blair Fowler & The Little Rhinoplasty That Could

With all due respect to the original queen of bedroom vlogging, Blair epitomizes the generic Youtube star of yesteryear. Sitting on your bed showing people what you bought from Juicy Couture is being phased out by wavering audiences who have the tendency to want more immediate and relatable content. By today’s standards, Blair is kind of boring. Early on in her career, she was caught at the center of a viewer scandal for… getting a secret nose job! If that wasn’t enough, audiences were angry when they discovered she and her Youtuber sister used pseudonyms to protect their privacy, not being able to predict the curiosity their new celebrity would bring to their personal lives. Part of this curiosity involved discerning how the sisters were able to afford their pretty things and massive amounts of makeup. The answer was pretty simple – their father is a doctor. If anybody is still curious, Blair has since supplemented her original nose job with a new, better nose job.

9 Ingrid Nilsen, Coming Out Wealthy

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Ingrid is the daughter of an architect and painter. Like Blair and Fleur, she got her Youtube start early, creating many of the same videos. She was propelled to fame following her coming out video, where she revealed herself to be gay. Since then, she conducted a brief but very public relationship with Youtube superstar Hannah Hart, and was invited by the White House to interview former president Barack Obama. Similar to other Youtubers mentioned on this list, evidence of Ingrid’s pre-fame opulence can be found in her old videos, including an early staple of vlogging, What’s In My Bag? in which she toted the most difficult to find bag of the early 2010s, the Celine luggage tote. She has since broken into other forms of entertainment and philanthropy, becoming an advocate for LGBTQ+ and Women’s rights.

8 Lisa Eldridge's Makeup Millions

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Lisa Eldridge created her Youtube channel following a very lucrative career as a celebrity makeup artist. Her first major gig with Elle Magazine thrust her work into the spotlight where she became cohorts with supermodel Cindy Crawford. Unlike the majority of makeup artists in the age of Instagram, Eldridge favors a lighter hand and subtler looks, generally avoiding heavy foundation, cream contouring, and crazy Anastasia brows. She is an expert in makeup history and authored a book on the topic. Her skill and fame allow her to promote her channel by signing on numerous celebrity friends, including Alexa Chung and Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Her entire life is star studded, and her award winning photographer husband is also the creative director of British Vogue.

7 Sonya Esman From Russia With Money

15 Youtubers Who Were Loaded Before Fame (10)

Even if you’ve never heard of Sonya Esman, you’ve definitely seen her face. Her photos have circulated Tumblr and Instagram since the beginning of time, and for good reason. She’s absolutely stunning - in a scary Russian way. The former teen actress turned successful fashion blogger turned model has admitted herself that she comes from a “lower middle class family”, but her work outside Youtube in the golden age of fashion blogging has filled her life with Chanel bags, major brand partnerships, and trips around the world. On Youtube, she maintains a Russian language channel and an English channel, where her vlogging style could be described as a very sexy trip. She has the ability to turn an apartment tour video into a weirdly spiritual experience. Sonya is currently slightly less active on Youtube as she used to be and has since turned to Instagram as her primary means of raking in social media cash.

6 Meet The Vloggers

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When a group of people set their personal brand around buying expensive shit, taking private jets, and staying in luxurious hotels, it’s hard to dispute that they probably come from money. It almost feels like cheating to put them on this list. Meet The Vloggers is a trifecta of daily vloggers, part of the same family, whose shtick is living large. If you were ever curious about the lives of high society Londoners who spend a lot of time in Dubai, these guys can fill you in. Of course, these days it’s difficult to be flashy in public without raising a few eyebrows. It is believed that vloggers’ parents are oil tycoons or perhaps own car companies, which would explain the constant rotation of new sports cars featured in their videos. The vloggers also have a secret uncle who traded his life as a professional soccer player for that of a kingpin. After being arrested and spending a few years in prison, he now occasionally takes to Instagram and gossip blogs in order to “expose” the vloggers for being greedy and materialistic. You know how the old saying goes: You can’t always trust your family, but Rolexes have a lifetime guarantee.

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5 Meghan Rienks Before Youtube

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Only a woman could find herself being criticized for being an only child with a good relationship with her generous parents AND having a nose job. Meghan Rienks is an actress who jumpstarted her career with aYoutube channel. While her sunny California life has much to envy, Rienks gets pretty real about struggles with body image, having documented her nose job journey closely. She also has been candid about her struggles with anxiety and fitting in with her sorority sisters, deciding to make Youtube her career after leaving college. Rienks received a lot of hate when she revealed that her parents were paying the rent of her LA apartment, explaining at the time that Youtube didn’t bring in a lot of cash. She also received a lot of hate for try to be too damn relatable alongside viewer speculation that her Chanel bags were gifts from her parents too. Sometimes you just can’t win.

4 Jeffree Star Before The Glowup

If you had side bangs in the mid-2000s and did so much as walk past a Hot Topic, you already knew who Jeffree Star was long before his Velour Liquid Lipstick empire. The poster boy for androgyny and partying, Jeffree initially became famous through MySpace, the dead older cousin of Facebook. During this time, he released a lot of music that wasn’t totally appropriate listening material for his armies of tween followers, and put out an eponymous clothing line in Hot Topic that our parents reluctantly bought us. He was a latecomer to the Youtube game, but his presence was bolstered by his reputation. Star has since launched a very successful line of cosmetics and is known for his honest reviews of other popular brands. Many of his products are named after his old music, and we repay him for feeding our nostalgia by buying blue highlighter en masse.

3 Taylor R The Living Doll

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Taylor Richards is a Canadian fashion model that found international success in Hong Kong before moving to Japan to pursue a career tailored to an audience with a taste for girls who look like dolls. Like Venus Angelic and Dakota Rose before her, Taylor transformed the perfectly symmetrical face God gave her with circle lenses, Japanese makeup, and blunt bangs. Initially using Youtube as the instruction of her management, she became a very popular figure among the niche of creators who document their daily lives in Japan. Besides modelling for brands like Valentino and Chanel, Taylor has appeared in Japanese soap operas. After phasing herself out of the human doll look, she relocated back to Hong Kong where she lives with her extremely wealthy yet elusive boyfriend, who never appears on camera. She herself has mentioned that her father owns car dealerships in Canada – a common theme here - but she has always supported herself as much as she could by working various jobs. Power to her.

2 Safiya Nygaard's Golden Ticket

15 Youtubers Who Were Loaded Before Fame (15)
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While she was not born into a terribly wealthy family, Safiya worked for Buzzfeed, which is the internet equivalent of being born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Safiya produced and starred in extremely successful videos for the company, developing her ability to create viral videos. A popular figure in the Buzzfeed series Ladylike, she realized the potential in her personal brand and was able to transfer this popularity in her own channel. Her most popular video, Why I Left Buzzfeed, has gained over 10 million views, while every single video she has released after that has at least 1 million. Including her in the list is kind of cheating, because she wasn’t technically making bank until her channel took off, but the precedent set by Buzzfeed that gave her the skills to create viral videos is invaluable. In many ways, she is more successful than the many included in this round up and her success is projected to continue.

1 Casey Neistat The Trailer Park Playboy

15 Youtubers Who Were Loaded Before Fame (16)

Casey Neistat was a multi-millionaire before starting his Youtube channel, but before that, he was a regular old teen dad who dropped out of high school. Talk about a turnaround. After mulling around a trailer park in his late teens, he moved to New York City where he learned how to produce videos. His first big break was in 2003 after he created a video criticizing Apple for their irreplaceable iPod batteries. Later, he wrote an autobiographical TV series which was purchased by HBO for nearly $2 million. His Youtube channel picked up in 2015, and within months an app he developed for sharing video news was sold to CNN for $25 million. Neistat often shares videos depicting luxurious trips and obscenely expensive products, and associates himself with other successful Youtubers as well as entertainment figures. He also directs advertisements and delivers lectures around the world relating to creativity and entrepreneurship. The moral of the story? Don’t quit your day job.


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The moral of the story? Don't quit your day job.

Of course, riches to riches stories are compelling in their own way too, especially in the intimate way of Youtube.. Before starting her lifestyle-based Youtube channel, she was a regular Canadian girl who briefly experimented with having dreadlocks.. After moving to the UK to be with him, they lived together in a £2 million home in central London.. What does a woman do when she doesn't really have to do anything?. Charles Gross admitted to his wealthy upbringing in the video I'm F*cking Rich!. Despite being creative, open, friendly, and relatively successful, he is often criticized for being materialistic.. If anybody is still curious, Blair has since supplemented her original nose job with a new, better nose job.. Like Blair and Fleur, she got her Youtube start early, creating many of the same videos.. Lisa Eldridge created her Youtube channel following a very lucrative career as a celebrity makeup artist.. Only a woman could find herself being criticized for being an only child with a good relationship with her generous parents AND having a nose job.. Rienks received a lot of hate when she revealed that her parents were paying the rent of her LA apartment, explaining at the time that Youtube didn't bring in a lot of cash.. Safiya produced and starred in extremely successful videos for the company, developing her ability to create viral videos.. Casey Neistat was a multi-millionaire before starting his Youtube channel, but before that, he was a regular old teen dad who dropped out of high school.

Het moraal van het verhaal? Stop niet met je dagelijkse baan.

Voordat hij met Youtube begon, spendeerde Charles in de wereld van het kopen en verkopen van Hermès Birkins aan welgestelde Upper East Side moeders - een hele prestatie op 19, maar hij heeft toegegeven dat zijn zakelijke ondernemingen altijd door zijn ouders zijn gesteund.. Als dat nog niet genoeg was, waren de toeschouwers boos toen ze ontdekten dat zij en haar zuster Youtuber pseudoniemen gebruikten om hun privacy te beschermen, niet in staat om de nieuwsgierigheid te voorspellen die hun nieuwe beroemdheid in hun persoonlijke leven zou brengen.. Vergelijkbaar met andere Youtubers die op deze lijst worden genoemd, kan het bewijs van de voorliefde weelde van Ingrid worden teruggevonden in haar oude video's, waaronder een vroeg begin van vloggen, Wat zit er in mijn tas?. Het opnemen van haar in de lijst is een soort van valsspelen, omdat ze technisch gezien niet bankde totdat haar kanaal van start ging, maar het precedent dat door Buzzfeed werd gesteld en dat haar de vaardigheden gaf om virale video's te maken, is van onschatbare waarde.. Na in zijn late tienerjaren rond te hebben gereden in een aanhangwagenpark, verhuisde hij naar New York City, waar hij leerde video's te produceren.

Morální příběh? Nepřestávejte svou denní práci.

Někdy je to zvědavost, někdy je to žárlivost, někdy je to totální šok.. Její otec se může pochlubit impozantním životopisem se spojením s hlavními korporacemi, jako je Bell, Alliance Films a Allstream, což vysvětluje neustálý tok Louboutins, Balenciaga a tašek Michaela Korsa (nezapomeňte ty?. Její manžel, který je často uváděn v její práci, je také plodem automobilového impéria.. Zatímco ona vypadá, že měla pohodlnou střední třídu výchovy - dokonce pracovat v obchoďáku Bath & Bodyworks - ona udeřila zlato, když ona se setkala s jejím přítelem Aslan na Omegle, kdo je spekuloval být syn exilového kazašského miliardáře.. Zatímco tento snoubenec je už dávno pryč, její šperky linie byla mírně úspěšná mimo její kariéru Youtube, plodit mnoho designérů copycat, kteří se šíří prostřednictvím Instagram.. Přesto, že je kreativní, otevřený, přátelský a relativně úspěšný, je často kritizován za to, že je materialistický.. Podivné je, že to vlastně dává smysl s ohledem na to, že pěstoval svou osobní značku v zájmu diváků v kabelkách v hodnotě 10 000 dolarů.. Kdyby to nestačilo, diváci se rozzlobili, když zjistili, že ona a její sestra Youtuber používají pseudonymy k ochraně svého soukromí, protože nejsou schopny předvídat zvědavost, kterou by jejich nová celebrita přinesla do jejich osobních životů.. Její celý život je posetý hvězdou a její oceněný fotograf je také tvůrcem britského Vogue.. Bývalá dospívající herečka se stala úspěšnou módou bloggerka, která se ukázala jako sama, že pochází z rodiny „nižší střední třídy“, ale její práce mimo Youtube ve zlatém věku módních blogů naplnila její život taškami Chanel, hlavními partnerskými značkami a výlety po celém světě.. Sonya je v současné době na Youtube o něco méně aktivní, protože bývala a od té doby se obrátila na Instagram jako na svůj primární prostředek hrabání v sociálních médiích.. Je to skoro pocit, jako je podvádění, aby je na tomto seznamu.. Zatímco její slunečný život v Kalifornii má hodně závidět, Rienks je dost skutečný o bojích s postavou těla, když dokumentoval svou cestu na pracovišti.. Ona sama zmínila, že její otec vlastní autosalony v Kanadě - zde je to společné téma -, ale vždy se snažila pracovat na různých pracovních pozicích.. Zahrnout ji do seznamu je druh podvádění, protože ona nebyla technicky dělat banku, dokud její kanál vzlétl, ale precedens nastavený Buzzfeed, který jí dal dovednosti vytvořit virové videa, je neocenitelný.

Мораль этой истории? Не бросай свою дневную работу.

Ранний успех на Youtube, Флер впервые распространил подписку, раздавал видео и обменивался с другими Youtubers - в том числе с некоторыми, упомянутыми в этом списке.. Эсте Лалонд родилась и выросла в Оттаве, Канада, но в настоящее время базируется в Лондоне, Англия.. В то время как она в настоящее время может считаться пионером в недавней тенденции милой девушки из Instagram с балагой (это определенно вещь), вещи не всегда были такими.. В то время как у нее, кажется, было удобное воспитание среднего класса - даже работа в торговом центре Bath & Bodyworks - она ​​получила золото, когда встретила своего парня Аслана в Омегле, который, предположительно, был сыном казахского миллиардера в изгнании.. После переезда в Великобританию, чтобы быть с ним, они жили вместе в доме за 2 миллиона фунтов стерлингов в центре Лондона.. В то время, когда Александра была помолвлена ​​со своим бывшим женихом, она сняла серию видеороликов, в которых рассказывает зрителям о том, как устраивать вечеринки, устраивать цветочные композиции и делать коктейли, что, по сути, помогает стать домохозяйкой.. Перед запуском Youtube Чарльз погрузился в мир покупки и продажи Hermès Birkins богатым мамам из Верхнего Ист-Сайда - в 19 лет это был подвиг, но он признал, что его деловые начинания всегда поддерживались его родителями.. Если этого было недостаточно, аудитория злилась, когда обнаруживала, что она и ее сестра Youtuber использовали псевдонимы для защиты своей частной жизни, не имея возможности предсказать любопытство, которое их новая знаменитость привнесет в их личную жизнь.. Как и в случае с другими ютуберами, упомянутыми в этом списке, в ее старых видеороликах можно найти свидетельство пресловутой роскоши Ингрид, в том числе раннюю стадию влогинга., Что в моей сумке?. Ее фотографии были распространены в Tumblr и Instagram с незапамятных времен, и не зря.. Бывшая юная актриса, ставшая успешной модницей, блогер, ставшая моделью, призналась, что она из «семьи из среднего класса», но ее работа за пределами YouTube в золотой век модного блога наполнила ее жизнь сумками Chanel, партнерскими отношениями с крупными брендами и поездки по миру.. Соня в настоящее время немного менее активна на Youtube, чем раньше, и с тех пор обратилась к Instagram в качестве основного средства получения денег в социальных сетях... Будучи арестованным и проведя несколько лет в тюрьме, он теперь время от времени посещает Instagram и сплетничает в блогах, чтобы «разоблачить» влогеров за их жадность и материализм.. Риенкс получила много ненависти, когда она рассказала, что ее родители платили за аренду ее квартиры в Лос-Анджелесе, объяснив в то время, что Youtube не принес много денег.. Включение ее в список является своего рода мошенничеством, потому что она технически не создавала банк, пока ее канал не закрылся, но прецедент, установленный Buzzfeed, который дал ей навыки для создания вирусных видео, неоценим.

Моралът на историята? Не спирайте дневната си работа.

Докато тя изглежда е имала удобно възпитание от средна класа - дори работи в търговски център Bath & Bodyworks - тя се сдоби със злато, когато се срещна с приятеля си Аслан на Omegle, който се предполага, че е син на казахстански милиардер в изгнание.. Преди да стартира Youtube, Чарлз влезе в света на покупката и продажбата на Hermès Birkins на богатите майки от Upper East Side - доста подвиг на 19, но той призна, че неговите бизнес начинания винаги са били подкрепяни от родителите му.. Ако това не беше достатъчно, публиката беше ядосана, когато открили, че тя и нейната сестра на Ютубер са използвали псевдоними, за да защитят неприкосновеността на личния им живот, като не са в състояние да предскажат любопитството, което новата им знаменитост ще доведе до личния им живот.. Подобно на други Youtubers, споменати в този списък, доказателствата за предимството на Ingrid за славата могат да бъдат намерени в нейните стари видеоклипове, включително и в началото на vlogging, Какво има в чантата ми?. Оттогава тя е разбита на други форми на развлечение и филантропия, като става защитник на правата на LGBTQ + и жените.. Бившата тийнейджърка актриса, която се превърна в успешен модерен блогър, си призна, че идва от "семейство от по-ниска средна класа", но работата й извън Youtube в златната ера на модните блогове е изпълнила живота й с чанти от Chanel, големи търговски марки и пътувания по света.. В момента Sonya е малко по-малко активна в Youtube, както преди беше и оттогава се е превърнала в Instagram като нейното основно средство за събиране на пари в социалните медии... След като е бил арестуван и прекарал няколко години в затвора, той от време на време отвежда до блогове в Instagram и клюки, за да „изобличава” влогърите за алчност и материалистичност.. Тя също е откровена за борбата си с безпокойство и се вписва в сестричката си, като решава да направи кариерата си в YouTube, след като напусне колежа.. Тейлър Ричардс е канадски моден модел, който намери международен успех в Хонг Конг, преди да се премести в Япония, за да преследва кариера, пригодена за аудитория с вкус към момичета, които приличат на кукли.. Включването й в списъка е нещо като измама, защото тя не е правила банк, докато каналът й не е излязъл, но прецедентът от Buzzfeed, който й дава умения за създаване на вирусни клипове, е безценна.

Мораль цієї історії? Не кидайте роботу на день.

В той час, як вона зовсім не втиралася з Дрейком, ми бачимо докази її приємного виховання в серії «реальність» 2009 року Кампус , здебільшого знімався в приміському Торонто.. Подібно до інших Youtubers, згаданих у цьому списку, докази про славу Інгрідів можна побачити у її старих відео, включаючи ранні кроки в vlogging, Що є в моїй сумці?. Колишня підліткова актриса, що стала успішною модельєром блогера, визнала себе, що вона походить з «сім'ї нижчого середнього класу», але її робота за межами Youtube у золотий вік модних блогів наповнила її життя сумками Chanel, основними бренд-партнерствами, і поїздки по всьому світу.. Сьогодні Соня трохи менш активна на Youtube, коли вона була і з того часу перетворилася на Instagram, як її основний засіб для збору коштів у соціальних мережах... Після того, як він був заарештований і провів кілька років у в'язниці, він тепер іноді бере до Instagram та блоги з плітками, щоб «викрити» блогерів за те, що він жадібний і матеріалістичний.. Вона також була відверта в своїй боротьбі з тривогою і вписувалася в її сестричності, вирішивши зробити свою кар'єру в Youtube, залишивши коледж.. Після того, як вона вийшла з людського погляду на ляльку, вона переїхала назад до Гонконгу, де вона живе зі своїм надзвичайно багатим, але невловимим хлопцем, який ніколи не з'являється на камері.. Включаючи її в список, це начебто обман, тому що вона технічно не зробила банк, поки її канал не вийшов, але безцінний прецедент, встановлений Buzzfeed, який дав їй навички для створення вірусних відео.

Morálny príbeh? Neprestávajte svoju prácu.

Niekedy je to zvedavosť, niekedy je to žiarlivosť, niekedy je to totálny šok.. Aj keď by sme nikdy nemohli byť takíto ľudia, vloggeri by sa mohli zbaviť $ 8000 na vreckách a topánkach cítiť sa normálne a dokonca sa naplniť.. Zatiaľ čo ona vyzerá, že mala pohodlnú strednú výchovu - dokonca aj pracovala v nákupnom centre Bath & Bodyworks -, keď sa stretla so svojím priateľom Aslanom na Omegle, ktorý je špekulovaný, že je synom exilového kazašského miliardára.. V čase, keď sa Alexandra angažovala u svojho bývalého snúbenca, urobila sériu videí, v ktorých divákom vysvetlila, ako sa zúčastňujú na večierkoch, robia kvetinové aranžmány a robia koktaily, v podstate vedie k tomu, že sú v domácnosti.. Kým tento snúbenec je už dávno preč, jej šperky linka bola mierne úspešný mimo jej kariéru Youtube, splodenie mnohých dizajnérov copycat, ktorí množia prostredníctvom Instagram.. Napriek tomu, že je kreatívny, otvorený, priateľský a relatívne úspešný, je často kritizovaný za to, že je materialistický.. Ona bola poháňaná k sláve po jej prichádza video, kde sa ukázala, že je gay.. Jej zručnosť a sláva jej umožnili propagovať svoj kanál tým, že sa prihlásili na početných priateľov celebrít, vrátane Alexy Chung a Rosie Huntington-Whitely.. Jej celý život je hviezdicový a jej ocenený fotograf manžel je tiež kreatívnym riaditeľom britskej Vogue.. Bývalá dospievajúca herečka sa stala úspešnou módnou bloggerkou otočenou modelkou priznala, že pochádza z rodiny „nižšej strednej triedy“, ale jej práca mimo Youtube v zlatom veku módnych blogov naplnila jej život taškami Chanel, hlavnými partnerstvami značky a výlety po celom svete.. Sonya je v súčasnosti o niečo menej aktívna na Youtube, ako bývala a odvtedy sa obrátila na Instagram ako na svoj primárny prostriedok na hrabanie v sociálnych médiách.. Je to skoro pocit, že je podvádzanie, aby ich na tomto zozname.. Ona tiež dostala veľa nenávisti na pokúsiť sa byť sakramentsky prepínacie popri divákov špekulácie, že jej tašky Chanel boli darmi od jej rodičov taky.. Potom, čo sa postupne vymanila z pohľadu ľudskej bábiky, presťahovala sa späť do Hongkongu, kde žije so svojím mimoriadne bohatým, ale nepolapiteľným priateľom, ktorý sa nikdy neuvidí na kamere.. Zahrnúť ju do zoznamu je druh podvádzania, pretože ona nebola technicky robiť banky, kým jej kanál vzlietol, ale precedens nastavený Buzzfeed, ktorý jej dal schopnosti vytvárať vírusové videá, je neoceniteľný.

Morala povestii? Nu renunțați la slujba de zi.

Aceștia sunt 15 Youtuberi, ale căror origini sunt mai puțin umili, călătoriile lor spre faima aurite cu obiecte destul de mici și fluxul misterios de bani.. Nu că ar fi avut o problemă înainte, dar dacă își va juca cărțile chiar cu Gettys, va fi pusă pe viață.. În timp ce linia de bijuterii a Colecției de bijuterii de la Alexandra Pierce a început să o completeze cu 9-5, originea ei este puțin mai puțin umilă decât s-ar fi putut duce la credință.. Înainte de a începe Youtube, Charles sa întâlnit în lumea cumpărării și vânzării lui Hermès Birkins către mămici aflate la vârsta de 19 ani, dar a recunoscut că activitățile sale de afaceri au fost întotdeauna susținute de părinții săi.. Ingrid este fiica unui arhitect și pictor.. Ca și Blair și Fleur, ea a început începutul ei de la Youtube, creând multe din aceleași videoclipuri.. Sonya este în prezent puțin mai puțin activă pe Youtube, așa cum era ea și sa transformat de atunci în Instagram ca mijloc principal de a-și grăbi banii social media.. Folosind inițial Youtube ca instrucțiune a managementului ei, ea a devenit o figură foarte populară printre nișa creatorilor care își documentează viața de zi cu zi în Japonia.. Cel mai popular videoclip al ei, De ce am lăsat Buzzfeed-ul , a câștigat peste 10 milioane de vizionări, în timp ce fiecare videoclip pe care la lansat după aceea are cel puțin 1 milion.

Morala zgodbe? Ne odnehaj svojega dnevnega dela.

Preden je začela uporabljati Youtube kanal, ki temelji na življenjskem slogu, je bila redna kanadska deklica, ki je na kratko eksperimentirala z dredom.. Medtem ko se je zdelo, da je imela prijetno vzgojo v srednjem razredu - celo delajo v nakupovalnem centru Bath & Bodyworks - je dobila zlato, ko je spoznala svojega fanta Aslana na Omegleju, za katerega se domneva, da je sin prognanega kazahstanskega milijarderja.. Preden je začel Youtube, se je Charles po svetu ukvarjal z nakupom in prodajo Hermès Birkinsov bogatim matere Upper East Sidea - kar je bilo pri 19. letih, vendar je priznal, da so njegovi poslovni podvigi vedno podpirali njegovi starši.. Po snemanju videa, kjer se je razkrila, da je gej, jo je spodbudila k slavi.. Nekdanja igralka, ki se je obrnila na uspešnega modnega blogerja, je priznala, da prihaja iz »družine nižjega srednjega razreda«, vendar je njeno delo zunaj Youtubea v zlati dobi modnega bloganja napolnilo njeno življenje s torbicami Chanel, pomembnimi partnerstvi in potovanja po svetu.. Sonya je trenutno nekoliko manj aktivna na Youtubeu, kot je bila in se je od takrat spremenila v Instagram kot svoje glavno sredstvo za rake v denarju v družabnih medijih... Rienks je prejel veliko sovraštva, ko je razkrila, da njeni starši plačujejo najemnino njenega apartmaja v LA-ju, ko je pojasnila, da Youtube ne prinaša veliko denarja.. Taylor Richards je kanadski modni model, ki je našel mednarodni uspeh v Hongkongu, preden se je preselil na Japonsko, da bi nadaljeval kariero, prilagojeno občinstvu z okusom za dekleta, ki so videti kot lutke.. Sama je omenila, da je njen oče lastnik prodajalcev avtomobilov v Kanadi - kar je skupna tema - toda vedno se je podpirala toliko, kolikor je mogla, ko je delala na različnih delovnih mestih.. Njegov Youtube kanal je pobral leta 2015 in v nekaj mesecih je bil program, ki ga je razvil za izmenjavo video novic, prodan CNN-u za 25 milijonov dolarjev.

A moral da história? Não pare seu trabalho do dia

As pessoas podem forjar uma carreira inteira mostrando às suas câmeras o que compraram na Nordstrom, e a vida dos ricos nos atrai por muitas razões.. Fleur De Force é um vlogger da Inglaterra que se interessa por fazer compras em um império.. Seu marido, que muitas vezes é destaque em seu trabalho, também é o cria de um império de concessionária de carros.. Apesar de ser criativo, aberto, amigável e relativamente bem-sucedido, ele é frequentemente criticado por ser materialista.. Estranhamente, isso realmente faz todo o sentido, considerando que ele cultivou sua marca pessoal em torno do interesse do espectador em bolsas de $ 10k.. Se alguém ainda está curioso, Blair desde então complementou seu trabalho original no nariz com um novo e melhor trabalho no nariz... Ela foi impulsionada para a fama depois de seu vídeo, onde ela revelou ser gay.. A ex-atriz adolescente virou blogueira de moda de sucesso que virou modelo e admitiu que vem de uma "família de classe média baixa", mas seu trabalho fora do Youtube na era de ouro dos blogs de moda encheu sua vida de bolsas Chanel, grandes parcerias de marca e viagens ao redor do mundo.. No Youtube, ela mantém um canal em russo e um canal em inglês, onde seu estilo de vlog pode ser descrito como uma viagem muito sexy.. Sonya é atualmente um pouco menos ativa no Youtube, como ela costumava ser e desde então tem se voltado para o Instagram como seu principal meio de arrecadar dinheiro em mídias sociais... Desde então, a Star lançou uma linha de cosméticos de muito sucesso e é conhecida por suas opiniões honestas de outras marcas populares.

Stāsta morāle? Neatstājiet savu dienas darbu.

Kamēr viņai, šķiet, ir bijusi ērta vidusšķiras audzināšana - pat strādājot tirdzniecības centrā Bath & Bodyworks, viņa satrieca zeltu, kad viņa tikās ar savu draugu Aslanu par Omegli, kurš tiek spekulēts kā trimdas Kazahstānas miljardiera dēls.. Pirms starta Youtube, Charles dabbled pasaulē pērk un pārdod Hermès Birkins uz pārtikušu Upper East Side moms - diezgan feat, 19, bet viņš ir atzinis, ka viņa biznesa uzņēmumi vienmēr ir atbalstījusi viņa vecāki.. Sonya pašlaik ir nedaudz mazāk aktīva Youtube, kad viņa bija agrāk un kopš tā laika ir pievērsusies Instagram kā viņa galvenais līdzeklis, lai veiktu sociālo mediju naudu.. Viņa arī ir bijusi vaļīga par viņas cīņām ar trauksmi un iekļaušanos savās korporācijas māsās, nolemjot padarīt Youtube savu karjeru pēc koledžas atstāšanas.. Viņa arī saņēma daudz naida, lai mēģinātu būt pārāk nopelt, salīdzinot ar skatītāju spekulācijām, ka viņas Chanel somas bija arī viņas vecāku dāvanas.. Viņa pati ir minējusi, ka viņas tēvam pieder auto dīleri Kanādā - šeit tā ir kopīga tēma -, bet viņa vienmēr ir atbalstījusi sevi tik daudz, cik viņa varētu, strādājot dažādās darbavietās.. Viņas populārākais video, Kāpēc es atstāju Buzzfeed , ir ieguvis vairāk nekā 10 miljonus skatu, bet katram videoklipam, kuru viņš ir izlaidis, ir vismaz 1 miljons.. Viņas iekļaušana sarakstā ir krāpšanās veids, jo viņa nebija tehniski padarījusi banku līdz brīdim, kad viņas kanāls sākās, bet precīzs Buzzfeed, kas deva viņai prasmes izveidot vīrusu video, ir nenovērtējams.

A történet erkölcse? Ne hagyja abba a napi munkát.

Youtube tele van rongyokkal a gazdagság történetek, az alkotók mutatják ki a Gucci cipők és Cartier karkötő tükrözi a múltra, amikor nem engedhetik meg maguknak a bérleti díj vagy az élelmiszer.. Az emberek egy egész karriert tudnak kiépíteni, hogy bemutassák kameráikat, amit a Nordstromban vásároltak, és az uber-gazdagok élete sok okból húz minket.. Annak ellenére, hogy soha nem lehetünk ilyen emberek, a vloggerek 8000 dollárt dobhatnak a táskákra és cipőkre, úgy érzik, normálisak és még teljesítenek is.. A Youtube lehetővé teszi a közönség számára, hogy érezze magát közel az emberekhez, akiket figyeltek, vonzóvá téve az egyetemes vágyat, amit mindannyian megosztunk a forró és gazdag legjobb barátokkal.. Abban az időben, amikor Alexandra felvette az ex-menyasszonyát, egy sor videót készített a nézőknek, hogy hogyan fogadják el a fogadó feleket, a virágrendezéseket, és készítsenek koktélokat, lényegében a háziasszony lenni.. Ha ez nem lenne elég, a közönség dühös volt, amikor felfedezték, hogy ő és Youtuber nővére álneveket használtak a magánéletük védelmére, és nem tudták megjósolni a kíváncsiságukat, amit az új hírességük személyes életükre hoz.. Az egykori tini színésznő sikeres divatbemutatóvá vált, és a modell elismerte, hogy „alacsonyabb középosztályú családból” származik, de a YouTube-on kívül a divatblogok aranykorában végzett munkája Chanel táskákkal, főbb márkanevekkel töltötte életét, és világszerte.. Miután letartóztatták és pár évet töltöttek börtönben, most alkalmanként Instagramba és pletyka blogokba költözik, hogy „feltárják” a vloggert, hogy mohó és materialista.. Csak egy nő találhatta magát azzal, hogy bírálják, hogy egyedülálló gyermek volt, aki jó viszonyban van a nagyvonalú szülőkkel, és egy orrmunka volt.. Ő is őszinte volt a szorongásaiért, és szorongató testvéreivel, és úgy döntött, hogy a Youtube karrierjét az egyetem elhagyása után teszi.. Ha a 2000-es évek közepén oldalsó frufru volt, és annyit tett, mint egy forró téma, akkor már tudta, hogy ki volt Jeffree Star régóta Velour Liquid Lipstick birodalma előtt.. Ez alatt az idő alatt sok olyan zenét bocsátott ki, amely nem volt teljesen megfelelő hallgatói anyag a háborús követői hadseregei számára, és elnevezett ruházati vonalat hozott fel a Hot Topic-ben, amit szüleink vonakodva vásároltak meg.

מוסר ההשכל של הסיפור? אל תפסיק את יום העבודה שלך.

לפני ש- YouTube היה מקור ההכנסה העיקרי של כל אחד, הסרטונים האלה לא היו ממומנים על ידי הכנסות ממכירות, ולכן מספר עצום של שקיות המעצבים והבגדים שלה הוא עדות אמיתית לסביבתה.. בעוד נראה היה לה נוח בכיתה המעמד הבינוני - אפילו עובד בקניון Bath & Bodyworks - היא פגע זהב כאשר היא פגשה את החבר שלה אסלן על מי, אשר השערות להיות בנו של מיליארדר קזחית גולה.. אם זה לא היה מספיק, הקהל היה כועס כאשר הם גילו שהיא ואחותה Youtuber השתמשו בשמות בד כדי להגן על הפרטיות שלהם, לא להיות מסוגל לחזות את סקרנות הסלבריטאי החדש שלהם יביא את חייהם האישיים.. היא גם הייתה כנה על מאבקה עם חרדה ו fitting עם אחיות אחיות שלה, מחליט לעשות Youtube הקריירה שלה אחרי שעזב את המכללה.. Rienks קיבל הרבה שנאה כאשר היא גילתה כי ההורים שלה משלמים את שכר הדירה שלה LA דירה, והסביר באותה עת כי Youtube לא להביא הרבה מזומנים.. בתחילה באמצעות Youtube כהוראה של ההנהלה שלה, היא הפכה להיות דמות מאוד פופולרי בין נישה של יוצרי אשר לתעד את חיי היומיום שלהם ביפן.. דמות פופולרית בסדרת באזפייד לאדיליקי , היא הבינה את הפוטנציאל שלה המותג האישי שלה והוא היה מסוגל להעביר את הפופולריות הזאת בערוץ שלה.. כולל אותה ברשימה הוא סוג של רמאות, כי היא לא היתה טכנית עושה הבנק עד שהערוץ שלה המריא, אבל התקדים שנקבע על ידי Buzzfeed שנתן לה את הכישורים ליצור קטעי וידאו ויראלי הוא יקר.

Fifteen years ago, YouTube's earliest creators helped to usher in a new generation of celebrities and laid the groundwork for today's influencers.

The YouTubers behind "Evolution of Dance," "Lonelygirl15," and more shared what it was like to gain viral fame on the platform.. It was filled with people who were so excited to create anything, people who were given a camera and didn't know what to do with it.". "Evolution of Dance" became the first YouTube video to hit 100 million views, but it was another video that Chen said best "defined the virality of video sharing.". A Nike ad featuring the Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho was the first video to rack up 1 million views on YouTube.. "All of the sudden, this two-minute video was getting more traffic than they were seeing with any other marketing video," Chen told Business Insider.

Famous YouTubers have accumulated millions of subscribers since day one. The platform alone has helped them built a huge following.

Famous YouTubers like JennaMarbles, PewDiePie, and Yuya, among others, have accumulated millions of subscribers since day one.. While it is true that there are tons of YouTubers out there, only a few of them are actually accumulating millions of subscribers.. Take a closer look at today’s famous YouTubers and see just how huge their channels have become.. His channel has managed to gather around 58.2 million subscribers.. PewDiePie is one of the most famous YouTubers our thereThis Spanish superstar named Ruben Doblas Gundersen loves to create gaming and sketch comedy videos.. Dude Perfect is another one in the list of famous YouTubersThe ever-captivating channel JuegaGerman is piloted by none other than German Garmendia, who started his YouTube adventure in 2013.. Garmendia is not only a comedian but also a lover of music, entertaining 22.8 million subscribers on his channel.. These guys also have secondary YouTube channels, namely, Smosh Games, Smosh Pit, and Shut Up!. Their channel currently has 22.7 million subscribers.. The Canadian gamer started his channel in 2011 and now holds over 21.8 million subscribers.. Of the most famous YouTubers NigahigaWhen talking about a YouTuber who has millions more subscribers than other females on the platform, it is definitely Yuya (Mariand Castrejon Castaneda).. His channel is home to 19.9 million subscribers.. American YouTuber Mark Fischbach is into gaming niche and started his channel in 2012.. After all, she holds a YouTube channel consisting of 17.7 million subscribers.

العظة من القصة؟ لا تترك عملك اليومي.

في حين أنها لم تكن تفرك دريك على أكتافها تمامًا ، يمكننا أن نرى أدلة على تربيتها المزدهرة في سلسلة "الواقع" التي نظمتها في عام 2009.. بعد نجاح Youtube مبكرًا ، كان Fleur رائدًا في تقديم الهبة للمشتركين ، ونقل مقاطع الفيديو ، والمقايضات مع Youtubers الآخرين - بما في ذلك مع ذكر البعض في هذه القائمة.. حتى من دون حياتها المهنية المربحة على يوتيوب ، ستستمر إستي في شراء 200 دولار من الشموع وتمشي على سمكة السلوقي المكلفة للغاية في جميع أنحاء لندن - لن يراها أحد فقط.. على الرغم من أن هذه الخطيب قد ولت منذ زمن بعيد ، فقد نجح خط المجوهرات الخاص بها في تحقيق النجاح بشكل معتدل خارج حياتها المهنية على Youtube ، حيث ولد العديد من مصممي النسخ المقلدين الذين يتكاثرون في Instagram.. الجلوس على سريرك يظهر للناس ما اشتريته من Juicy Couture يتم التخلص منه تدريجياً من قِبل جمهور يتردد في ميله إلى الرغبة في الحصول على المزيد من المحتوى الفوري والفوري.. على غرار Youtubers الآخرين المذكورين في هذه القائمة ، يمكن العثور على دليل على ثراء إنجريد المسبق في مقاطع الفيديو القديمة ، بما في ذلك العنصر الأساسي المبكر من المدونات, ماذا يوجد في حقيبتي?. تلقت Rienks الكثير من الكراهية عندما كشفت أن والديها كانا يدفعان إيجار شقتها في لوس أنجلوس ، موضحة في ذلك الوقت أن Youtube لم تجلب الكثير من المال.. خلال هذا الوقت ، أصدر الكثير من الموسيقى التي لم تكن من مواد الاستماع المناسبة تمامًا لجيوشه المكونة من أتباع توين ، وطرح خط ملابس مسمى في Hot Topic قام آباؤنا بشراءه على مضض.

이 이야기의 교훈? 하루 일을 그만 두지 마십시오.

그녀가 드레이크와 어깨를 가볍게 문지르지는 않았지만, 2009 년에 상연 된 "리얼리티"시리즈에서 그녀의 청량 한 양육의 증거를 볼 수 있습니다.. 유튜브 올드 머니 (Youtube Old Money)의 세계에서 흔히 볼 수있는 것은 아니지만 그녀의 가족은 여러 자동차 딜러를 소유하고 있습니다.. 그녀의 채널을 시작한 이후, 그녀는 수많은 대규모 광고 캠페인에 참여했으며 생활 가이드 북을 발표 한 최초의 유투브 중 하나였습니다.. 그녀의 라이프 스타일 기반 Youtube 채널을 시작하기 전에, 그녀는 dreadlock을 가지고 간략하게 실험 한 캐나다의 정규 소녀였습니다.. 그녀의 수익성이 좋은 Youtube 경력 없이도 Estée은 여전히 ​​200 달러짜리 촛불을 사서 런던 주변에서 매우 비싼 그레이하운드를 걷고 있습니다.. 이 약혼자는 오래 전에 사라졌지 만 그녀의 보석 라인은 Youtube 경력 외에도 적당히 성공하여 Instagram을 통해 확산 된 수많은 모방범 디자이너가 생겨났습니다.. 그것이 충분하지 않다면, 관객들은 그녀와 그녀의 Youtuber 여동생이 자신의 사생활을 보호하기 위해 가명을 사용하여 새로운 유명 인사가 개인적인 삶에 가져올 호기심을 예측할 수 없다는 사실을 알게되면 화를 냈습니다.. 이리스트에 언급 된 다른 Youtubers와 마찬가지로 잉그리드의 사전 명성 부유의 증거는 초기 비디오를 비롯하여 그녀의 오래된 비디오에서 찾을 수 있습니다., 내 가방에 뭐가 들었어??. 그녀는 "중산층 가정"에서 온 것으로 자신을 인정했지만 패션 블로깅의 황금 시대에 Youtube 외부의 그녀의 작품은 샤넬 가방, 주요 브랜드 파트너십, 전세계 여행.. 그녀는 대학 졸업 후 Youtube의 경력을 쌓기로 결정한 그녀의 여동생들과 함께 불안과 피팅에 대한 솔직한 투쟁을했습니다.. 그녀는 또한 그녀의 샤넬 가방이 그녀의 부모에게서 선물 이었다는 구경꾼 추측과 함께 너무 지독한 관계가있는 것을 시도를위한 많은 혐오를 받았다.. 그녀는 인간 인형의 모습에서 단계적으로 벗어난 후, 그녀가 그녀의 부유하지만 아직 애매한 남자 친구와 함께 살고있는 홍콩으로 다시 이주했다.

For original YouTubers, their online haven became a media behemoth—but they keep vlogging.

Almost everything that mattered still happened on TV, but much of the talking started happening on the Internet.. Modern YouTube stars can bring in millions of dollars through sponsorship and companies they own and run (often built on the foundation of their videos).. For those who weren’t around at the inception of YouTube, Buckley was kind of the Jimmy Fallon of his day: a public access TV talk show host who transferred online and attained a smidgen of fame by starting up a YouTube channel in the summer of 2006.. “It took me a while to find out exactly what the site was.”. When Kay did find the website, she created an account and looked beyond her friends’ juggling videos.. Advertisement Both Buckley and Kay swiftly arrived at the paradox of early YouTube.. But she was caught on some of the videos of more popular creators that day.. A magical gathering of YouTube creators helped truly get Olga Kay off and running.. It didn’t matter that she wouldn’t actually get the money into her bank account until she made $100, Kay was excited.. As Kay and Buckley worked hard to bring new viewers to their videos, sometimes struggling and running up against brick walls, the whole ecosystem of online video slowly changed.. “You start making money, and you think you’ve tricked the world,” says Buckley.. In the years since Buckley and Kay made their first paycheck on YouTube, the site has become a much bigger goldmine for creators.

Diventare ricchi e famosi non è più un'esclusiva di lusso per coloro che vivono a Los Angeles, hanno un talento eccezionale nella recitazione, nel canto e nella produzione o hanno grandi legami nel settore. Molti,

Ex studente di economia industriale, Ulf Kjellberg ha iniziato a elaborare i suoi video nel 2010 e nel 2012 aveva già una base di fan di 1 milione di abbonati.. Chiara Ferragni, una studentessa di giurisprudenza di 28 anni all'Università Bocconi di Milano è una delle blogger di maggior successo nel passaggio dal dilettante al professionista.. Una volta che ha iniziato a farsi un nome, Ferragni ha iniziato a stringere collaborazioni con marchi di moda e quest'anno dovrebbe guadagnare un totale di $ 8 milioni di dollari.. Oggi, Jessi sorride ha oltre 3, 5 milioni di follower, è classificata nella lista delle 30 personalità di Vine al mondo ed è anche la terza ragazza più popolare in tutti i siti di social media che utilizza.. Dopo aver accumulato la sorprendente quantità di 7 milioni di follower su Vine, ha iniziato il suo canale SnapChat, che è diventato anche un successo.. Questo burlone americano ha rubato milioni di risate da persone di tutto il mondo e gli ha fatto milioni di dollari nel processo.. Tuttavia, non è stato fino al 2010, quando ha deciso di perseguire la sua passione per la commedia e ha iniziato il suo canale YouTube, dove ha rapidamente trovato fama e fortuna.. Nel giro di pochi giorni ha ottenuto oltre un milione di follower su Twitter e ha notiziari ENORME come il Washington Post e il New York Times che parlano di lui.. Con 12 milioni di follower su Vine, 4, 4 milioni di abbonati su YouTube, 4, 8 milioni di follower su Twitter e oltre 8 milioni di follower su Instagram, Grier è diventato LA persona da seguire sui social media.. In un'intervista con Oprah Winfrey, Carrey parla di come ha usato la Legge di Attrazione scrivendo un assegno per $ 10.000.000 milioni di dollari per "Servizi di recitazione resi", successivamente inserendo l'assegno nel suo portafoglio per 7 anni fino a quando ha ricevuto $ 10.000.000 milioni di dollari pagamento per il suo lavoro in Scemo e più scemo.. In effetti, non è stato fino all'età di 62 anni che ha iniziato con un controllo di sicurezza sociale di $ 105 in mano per lanciare la sua ricetta di pollo ai ristoranti.

Are you a YouTube fan and on the verge of finding the Youtuber with the most subscribers? We bring you the most subs on YouTube for the year ending 2022?

Create High-Quality Video - Wondershare Filmora An easy and powerful YouTube video editor. Get videos of a mix of music, videos, and live streams from this top US YouTube channel.. This Ukrain based YouTube channel has about 70.4 million subscribers and is mostly watched by children alike.. They have executed channel trailers Another common similarity with these top 10 YouTubers is the use of channel trailers features.. It is estimated that PewDiePie makes about $10 million per year from his YouTube channel, while Justin Bier gets about $9 million from YouTube advertising.. A well-made video is all you need to make an impact on your YouTube channel journey.. For example, a tutorial video will show clearly the steps to follow for a particular project until success.. How to make a good video using Filmora Using available video editors can help you become among the most subs on YouTube.. Follow these steps to make a quality video with Filmora.. Select the video file format in the "Format" menu and optimize your video YouTube.. Filmora works best to help you create quality content for your YouTube channel.

Discover the 10 Oldest YouTubers in The World here. Prepare to be transported into a rich & fascinating history on the oldest Youtubers that exist.

Age: Unknown (somewhere between 70 and 90) Channel name: MR. FORTHRIGHT First video uploaded: December 29, 2011 Active?. Age: 80 Channel name: knittingtipsbyjudy First video uploaded: November 23, 2007 Active?. Age: 81 Channel name: Shirley Curry First video uploaded: July 8, 2015 Active?. Age: 85 Channel name: АТАШКА First video uploaded: July 17, 2016 Active?. АТАШКА has nearly 80,000 subscribers and his channel has amassed over 3 million views, with his very first video providing 1.3 million of them.. Age: 86 Channel name: 3GoldenSistersTV First video uploaded: Apr 29, 2012 Active?. Age: 87 Channel name: Kevin and Lill First video uploaded: Oct 7, 2011 Active?. The channel mainly does vlogs and a few reaction videos featuring Lill and her grandson Kevin, who shoots, edits, and uploads the videos.. The first video uploaded onto the channel was a solo video by Kevin, and it wasn’t till a year later that Lill came on the show with him in a car vlog.. Age: 87 Channel name: geriatric1927 First video uploaded: August 5, 2006 Active?. Age: 98 Channel name: Great Depression Cooking First video uploaded: May 7, 2007 Active?. The channel now has over 100 million views and 600,000 subscribers and posts a couple of videos per week.

We've collected the top 10 most subscribed YouTubers in 2021. Would you like to know who they are? Follow this list to get to know about the most popular YouTubers.

From the day it appeared, more than 14 years ago, YouTube became a nice way in which people watch videos.. Subscribers: 109 million Specialization: Comedy Earned: $30-50 million Account Creation Date: 2010 Total Videos on the Channel: 4 305 Total Video Views: 27,119,778,828. Subscribers: 75.6 million Specialization: Children entertainment Earned: $2.8-$44.7 million Account Creation Date: 2015 Total Videos on the Channel: 829 Total Video Views: 52,816,746,428. The most famous YouTube video is "Diana and her Barbie car," with over 1 billion views.. Subscribers: 71.1 million Specialization: Children entertainment Earned: $3.7 - $59.7 million Account Creation Date: 2016 Total Videos on the Channel: 552 Total Video Views: 54,401,727,088. Subscribers: 63.7 million Specialization: Children Earned: $2.3 - $37.3 million Account Creation Date: 2018 Total Videos on the Channel: 333 Total Video Views: 45,003,302,784. Subscribers: 55.8 million Specialization: Sports Earned: $50 million Account Creation Date: 2009 Total Videos on the Channel: 259 Total Video Views: 12,771,711,045. Subscriber: 54.8 million Specialization: Comedy, Gaming, Entertainment Earned: $29.5 million Account Creation Date: 2012 Total Videos on the Channel: 703 Total Video Views: 9,425,353,312. The channel has bagged several awards, including the Streamy Awards' Breakout Creator and Annual Shorty Awards' YouTuber of the Year.. Subscribers: 44.2 million Specialization: Entertainment, Comedy, Reality-TV Earned: $29 million Account Creation Date: 2014 Total Videos on the Channel: 7,000 Total Video Views: 17,140,624,016. Fast-forward to 2016, they already had a YouTube channel with over a million subscribers.. Subscribers: 43.4 million Specialization: Comedy Earned: $6.8 million Account Creation Date: 2013 Total Videos on the Channel: 1 812 Total Video Views: 12,483,921,701. Subscribers: 42.2 million Specialization: Comedy Earned: $1.7 million Account Creation Date: 2013 Total Videos on the Channel: 389 Total Video Views: 3,774,459,291. Subscribers: 41.4 million Specialization: Comedy, Entertainment Earned: $4.6 - $27.6 million Account Creation Date: 2006 Total Videos on the Channel: 2,400 Total Video Views: 12,298,147,045


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