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  1. Pricing Help – Decals and HTV
  2. What can I charge for Vinyl Decals? | #AskMatt S2 E218
  3. Pricing your Custom Vinyl Car Window Decals | #askmatt | 061
  4. Vinyl Cost Calculator
  5. How Much Should You Charge For Vinyl Decals With Your Cricut or Silhouette
  6. How to Price Your Custom T shirts and Decals
  7. [How To] Make, Price, Package, and Sell Vinyl Stickers || EmiiCreations

Pricing Help – Decals and HTV

[Music],setting everybody,boy big brando and today lets talk,about pricing out,heat transfer vinyl and decal vinyl so,here we are right here,we have decal vinyl and then we have,heat transfer vinyl,pricing is something that i get asked,about all the time and people are always,confused people want me to just give,them some sort of,number so they could feel good about,themselves i dont know what it is,but for myself when i price anything out,its based on what the material cost and,what my labor,is worth i have a bunch of videos,talking about labor,make sure you check those out so you,have a better understanding of where im,coming from,this video right here is going to be,based around materials so first off,lets talk about heat transfer vinyl,i buy my heat transfer vinyl in 5 yard,rolls this is a 15 inch roll,five yards worth like i said thats heat,transfer vinyl this is what youre using,to make t-shirts this is what youre,using to make hoodies this is what,youre using to press onto garments,now for the sake of the video were just,gonna say it costs forty dollars for a,five yard roll in my videos where you,hear me talk about,charging the customer for the htv,charging the customer for the vinyl,people,are getting confused and thinking that,they need to charge the whole five yard,roll to the customer thats not what it,is,forty dollars for a five yard roll is,your price you have to charge the,customer for how much,vinyl you use and this is where people,get confused because theyre like oh man,i bought this roll for forty dollars so,do i just charge them the whole 40,dollars,no because if you only use a foot of,that or if you,six inches of that you charge them for,that and then people have a hard time,breaking those numbers down,so were gonna make this very very easy,for everybody out there so if you need,to pull out a calculator right now,take some notes or rewind this video do,whatever you need to do for this,to make sense for you so lets say that,five yard roll of heat transfer vinyl,costs forty dollars,five yards three feet is one yard so,wrap,your mind around that theres five yards,one yard,equals three feet so like i said forty,dollars,for this five yard roll breaks down,to eight dollars a yard now like i said,theres three feet,in every yard so each foot is now,2.66 67.68 whatever about,2.66 thats for one foot now if youre,not using one foot,cool lets say youre using six inches,of that,six inches is a dollar thirty three so,six by fifteen because these are 15 inch,rolls were just going off of length,thats all were going so everything is,gonna be by 15 inches,so if you used one foot 12 inches by 15,inches,2.66 if you just used,six inches six by 15 inches its a,dollar thirty three now you have,a gauge of what you charge for your heat,transfer vinyl so if your t-shirt is,i dont know two bucks or three bucks,and youre using one full,foot of htv youre paying three dollars,for the t-shirt and then youre paying,266,for the vinyl all in total 5.66,see how that works thats what you,charging the customer thats your cost,it costs you three dollars for that,blank t-shirt,it costs you 2.66 of that heat transfer,vinyl thats what you charge your,customer,and you add your labor on top of that,now i just posted a video,last week and were talking about decal,vinyl doing decal window signage and, like that how do you price out,decal vinyl,same exact way decal vinyl a lot less,expensive than heat transfer vinyl so,lets just say,decal vinyl is three dollars a yard and,were going based,off of a five yard roll five yards by 15,inches,its about three dollars a yard you can,get it for two sometimes you get it,cheaper than that but well just say,three dollars for the sake of this video,three dollars a yard,five yard roll fifteen dollars for that,full roll now do the same thing,break it down each yard is three dollars,three dollars for one yard theres three,feet in one yard so each foot,of decal vinyl is a dollar so one dollar,makes one foot one yard is three dollars,three feet,in one yard see what im doing now if,youre only using six inches of that 50,cents is all the decal vinyl that youre,using thats what you charge the,customer this is how i,break my material cost down im not,charging them for the full roll because,im buying the roll im going to be,using that roll for a lot of different,stuff for a lot of different jobs,so im charging the customer based on,what im getting it im going to make,sure im recouping,all of that money back so like i said,decal vinyl a lot cheaper,dollars for five yards of decal vinyl,this is to make stickers window signage,stickers for hydro flats stickers for,car windows,sticker decals for laptops whatever it,is this is what youre using to send,through your vinyl cutter to create,decal stickers,this isnt printed vinyl this is just,regular standard decal vinyl three,dollars a yard five yard roll,fifteen dollars total breaking it down,three dollars per yard for that roll,breaking it down even more one dollar,per foot,three feet in one yard one dollar per,foot,breaking it down even smaller because if,youre not using a full foot,of decal vinyl well say youre gonna,use six inches of it,50 cents of decal vinyl is used this is,what you charge your customers,i hope this makes sense to anybody out,there like i said if you have to pull,out a calculator,write this down maybe rewind this video,back so you can watch it and understand,it,thats how i price out anything i do,with heat transfer vinyl,or decal vinyl i make sure the customer,pays,in full of all the materials used to,create whatever im doing for them,whether its hauls and walls window,signage whether,its a custom one-off t-shirt whatever,it is anything that goes into creating,something for the customer the customer,will pay for the materials,all right hopefully this helps somebody,out this is my system on how i charge,out materials its like that for,transfers its like that for anything,that i do,but a lot of people that watch my videos,have crickets and cameos and theyre,just getting into,cutting vinyl theyre a little confused,about when im talking about charging,for materials,for some reason a lot of people thought,that they have to charge for the whole,roll even if theyre gonna use six,inches or a foot of that stuff,and then their pricing seems way high,and theyre kind of getting freaked out,this is how i charge for my materials,hopefully it works for you,this is what works for myself all right,if you got any questions make sure you,leave it in the comments,follow me on instagram bigbrandotv catch,you guys on the next one man yeah,[Music]

What can I charge for Vinyl Decals? | #AskMatt S2 E218

whats up there crew now here with your,W and this is ask Matt season 2 episode,217 218 check that ok – whats up the,crew Matt here at CRW and this is ask,Matt season 2 episode 218 so in todays,episode Gerry had a question and Gerrys,question was Matt I have a vinyl car,window decal business and you keep,saying and I hear you say all the time,you can sell these little decals for $10,a pop I cant sell those for $10 a pop,and the question was is how much can you,really sell those for so when you guys,hear me reference $10 most the time when,Im doing these at $10 and show you,which ones Im talking about something,like this right here completely,customized name and number all right but,when I was selling these for $10 I was,selling them for $10 out of vents where,its an impulse buy and theyre going to,get it right then and then I also did it,for $10 when there were fundraisers so,the school would sell or the kids or the,players or parents or whatever would,sell the customized decals for ten,dollars each and then they would get a,big cut of that right so every day and,Im assuming Jerry this is where youre,coming with that question because Jerry,has he has a decal business but Im,assuming youre coming from how much do,you sell these on ebay on etsy because I,see him for next another so number one,is have the attention like I talked,about in a recent ask Matt as far as,getting out there getting them on,YouTube getting it on facebook getting,them out there to where you have the,attention of people so people know about,them people will buy them obviously,customer service is a big thing as well,and taking care of your customers so,they know theyre gonna get quality,products and if theres out there an,issue youre going to think,make them happy but more importantly,what are your real margins on something,like this so heres the difference if,youre selling these just on your,website I would be normally probably and,if I had to say probably six seven,dollar range okay you can go down to,five if you want but again when theyre,custom you dont want to get too crazy,all right unless theyre ordering bulk,because thats where you want to be,careful if you sold them for five,dollars each and you had to make it,custom every single time then theyre,gonna want a big discount when they,order 100 of them right so always think,about every order and every product that,you price okay I was really good this is,something I was really good at because I,made mistakes off the start price every,I used to price every item like theyre,gonna buy a hundred of them like theyre,looking at one but three seconds later,when I get in that price theyre gonna,say how much for a hundred how much for,300 and so on and I didnt want to price,myself out of a bulk discount okay and,then I could tell them hey you just,ordered one but we can do fundraisers we,can do this if you order this menu get,this to discount and so on right now,thats for a completely custom if youre,doing something like this a cap mob,design I used to sell a ton of types of,designs like these or just a regular,baseball mom where its not customized,right these were a big big part of my,business and what I would do is when I,went to events I would have a bunch of,these pre-cut okay so even at the event,when Im selling these for 10 bucks I,was selling these for 5 bucks and I,could just hand it to him and Im done,still only about 11 cents this one,probably about 9 cents in cost this,ones a little bit bigger maybe 13 cents,in cost but five bucks margins freaking,insane right insane margins but you guys,saw the video that I just did on the,live if you didnt see it a ton,book today on the dory what 14th,Valentines Day I did alive today and on,the lies I cut two of the cat mom,designs because I could fit you and its,not completely customized so it was easy,to be able to just store it and when,multiple orders come in I could sit this,in a in a cubby hole or in a something,for a year and it be perfectly fine and,handed to the customer right so when,its not customized cut extras when you,can and that way you can build up your,inventory on them to make it super,simple okay,so hopefully that answered your question,Jerry as far as I didnt always sell him,and I couldnt always sell them for $10,but the huge part of my business with,fundraisers and events and thats why I,was able to do that but for example on,my eBay store you guys know how I did,that when I first started stupid low,price I was at four bucks but that was,when I had zero customers okay I had no,customer base so my whole goal was to,build my customer base I raised the,price on the decals about a quarter,every month I eventually got up to,everybody elses seven eight dollar,price by the time I did that I had over,seven thousand customers on eBay so this,was eleven twelve years ago so a long,time ago but another way to do if you,have a plan dont always plan on staying,at that $4 price because you can get,more when its custom when its not,customized just a cat mom design,obviously you could sell these for two,bucks and still make a killing right so,Jerry everybody hope this video and this,askmen helps you guys out with a few of,those questions if you have more,questions as Im sure you do throw it in,the comments below click that like,button right there the subscribe button,right there if you missed yesterdays,vlog its right next to the Ryan s,rhinestone shoe right there and because,that subscribe button right there make,sure to click that bell no education as,well thanks for watching guys well see,you tomorrow happy Valentines Day

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Pricing your Custom Vinyl Car Window Decals | #askmatt | 061

whats up guys Matt here and this is,vlog number 61 alright todays vlog is,gonna be a quick one an easy one and,answer a simple question so the question,came from Denise and Denise asked how,much do you charge for your vinyl car,decals that you talk about all the time,so the vinyl court decals Im talking,about all the time or decals like this,youll see this one here is just a,hockey decal and then we also have our,website decal,okay so this is how I started my entire,business with these type of decals and,very simple to charge for these so what,I always charge when I will go to,different events for a customized decal,like this would be $10 for a customized,website decal would be $10 so people,always say how do you get $10 for those,and those of you who have gone to events,you understand $10 completely customized,add an event is very inexpensive more,often than not I would have people say,only $10 then oh my gosh thats $10 so,when youre at an event youre,completely customizing it youre making,it on the spot the customer is getting,it right then $10 is no problem at all,now if youre going on Etsy and eBay and,different stores and different websites,where theres thousands and hundreds of,thousands and theyre all over the place,well now we might have to adjust our,pricing a little bit so Im gonna guess,around seven to eight dollars on those,sites but the key to them is to be,unique do your own traces we have,different videos that show you how to do,and use the B spline tool and CorelDraw,to be unique or we have a ton of,different silhouettes that arent really,out there as much because weve created,them recently and theyre very unique,theyre up to date and theyre gonna,look good,the customer okay so just be creative be,different but $10 Im telling you right,now fully customized its got their,position their number their team name,the player name if you want and then how,many cars heres what I want you to do,when youre driving your car around,tomorrow take a look around every other,car you go by has some type of vinyl car,decal on the back of it,thats why decals are so popular thats,why I started out as the decal world the,margins on these are absolutely,ridiculous have about nine cents and,cost were selling them for 10 bucks each,so the best margins youre gonna get on,anything that you create you definitely,want to do these if you have a vinyl,cutter you have to be making vinyl card,decals and they dont have to be for,cars they can be for computers they can,be for walls they can be for all types,of things but the margins are ridiculous,so please do it Denise thank you for the,question,hopefully it answered it and just show,that value in those custom decals and,its whats gonna show and give that 10,dollar perceived value for it because,they cant get it anywhere else so hope,you enjoyed comment below give me some,more great questions and of course,subscribe to the youtube channel right,here check out yesterdays vlog right,there check out the playlist of all of,the vlogs right there and check out the,website the Rhinestone WorldCom right,there thanks for watching guys have an,amazing day and well see you tomorrow,later

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Vinyl Cost Calculator

[Music],hey guys its April with crafting with,April I wanted to show you guys a little,bit about the sheet that I uploaded for,you guys this is how its going to look,when you open it up if youre in Excel,and maybe even Google or whatever,program that you use for your Excel,sheets if youre on a Mac its going to,open in numbers and Im going to go over,how the sheet works but if yours opens,up and you see these red blocks please,do not change any numbers in those red,blocks you want to hide those columns,whatever your program shows you to hide,then arm whatever buttons you have to,click to hide it go ahead and hide it,because you dont want to be making any,changes in that column please do not,make any changes to this column here,this last column this will mess up your,calculation as well and Im going to,show you guys a little bit about that,over in numbers I am on a Mac so thats,what I have so Im going to show you,guys and youre just going to have to,use whatever tabs you have for your,program to make changes to it so if,youre in numbers its going to open up,like this let me select those and Im,just going to unhide the columns so if,you guys are in Excel and you have these,columns youre going to select them and,youre going to hide those columns and,then these as well youre going to hide,those and then youll want to save the,next thing you want to do is youll want,to what I believe on Excel down at the,bottom,left where the tabs are I dont know if,theyve moved them in the newer excels,or not you right-click make a copy move,to end and then you can click on the tab,and rename it the best I remember with,numbers youre just going to click here,and youre going to duplicate and what I,would do and before you do anything guys,no matter what program youre using do,this and name this the master now you,have a copy,oops I apologize now you have a copy,that is fresh and clean every time that,you come in and I am just going to,rename this one as lets say this is my,Smith job and I am going to click on it,and rename it so once Ive done that Im,going to come down here and Im gonna,say I use four colors of vinyl and Im,just going to say that this is my white,and lets say I use some pink and maybe,a blue and possibly even some black so I,used those four colors of vinyl on this,project ok if you bought your vinyl and,you bought it from several different,places its going to cost differently so,youre just going to come in here and,put in Im gonna say that this piece of,vinyl cost me 79 cents not $79 so Im,gonna point seven nine that and Im,gonna say that this pink was an iron-on,and well lets just stick with vinyl Im,just gonna say that this was a dollar,twenty nine,oops did I mess myself up Im just gonna,hit if you do mess up just hit undo get,it under there yeah and Im gonna say it,was a dollar twenty nine and Im going,to say that this piece was on sale I got,it somewhere for fifty nine cents and,this is including your tax because,thats your actual cost and then this,one Im gonna say that I paid this is a,specialty vinyl and I paid 258 for it,with tax this piece was a twelve by,twelve this was twelve by twelve but,what about my specialty it may have been,a 12 by 24 and even this pink it may,have been a 12 by 48 role so Im going,to put in that number not for 82 there,we go now youre not youre really not,seeing anything happened but these,numbers really do matter so make sure,you put them in correctly when you put,your waiting box around whatever it is,youre using thats the size of vinyl,that youre using because that is lost,vinyl so if my image and my weeding box,came out to be a six by four on this and,thats what Im gonna put in there and,lets say this one was a three by two,piece that I used and this was a five by,one Im just making up numbers guys you,want to use your actual numbers and this,was a five by five piece lets just say,all of that went into this project this,is one project and it was all layered or,whatever and I put it on a mug or a cup,that cost me nine dollars and ninety,seven cents,notice that it all added up and here is,a total cost of all four vinyls and my,item right here okay now if you have,just one item,[Music],then thats the way you want to do it,lets say that this is for one customer,and they had four different ones in one,in white one with white one with paint,one with blue and one with black then,youre going to add that cost of each,item lets say this one was $5.99 and,this one was 1086 with tax thats going,to give you the cost per line of each,item that you sold in a cost of the,whole job down here this does not,include your time it does include your,mats it doesnt include your blades it,doesnt include time that you spent on,it it doesnt include any any of that so,you need to make sure that you use the,wiki link that we provide in the group,rules for pricing your crafts so that,you get paid how you get paid and Ive,made a little note up here so if you see,that little triangle that note just,reminds you dont change anything in,this column it auto calculates so thats,how you do that and again if you have,several different ones you can just,duplicate your master and just keep a,clean copy and then you can go in here,and name it whatever job that it is I,hope that that helps you out if you need,any assistance with that please dont,hesitate to message me and Ill help you,out as best I can you guys have a,wonderful day giving me a thumbs up on,the video and well see you in the,groups,[Music]

How Much Should You Charge For Vinyl Decals With Your Cricut or Silhouette

hey everyone hope youre doing awesome,today,um i just wanted to jump on here i had a,couple questions,in my notifications on the messages that,um,people were asking me how much i charge,per,decal of just regular permanent vinyl or,the 651 vinyl,when making decals for people so i,wanted to go through,kind of my price chart now the prices,can change a little bit depending,on how intricate the design is,if i do have a lot to weed in the design,i would charge a little bit more but,just for basic letters,these are the prices i do charge,and im going to just kind of i have my,little chart right here on,what i go by written down but im going,to go and put it down in the comment box,below,so feel free to um refer back to that,if youre wondering so for three inches,i charge four dollars,three and a half inches is five dollars,four inches,is six dollars four and a half inches is,seven dollars,five inches is eight dollars five and a,half,inches is nine dollars six inches is ten,dollars,six and a half inches its eleven,dollars seven inches,is twelve dollars seven and a half,inches is thirteen dollars,and eight inches is fourteen dollars so,you can kind of base it off of that of,course you do not have to choose these,prices,um there is a lot of money actually to,be made,with um vinyl and decals um,so my biggest example i have here is,eight inches for fourteen dollars now if,you know,um you can get one of those twelve by,twelve sheets of vinyl,for uh sixty cents,on sale fifty cents sometimes so thats,thirteen and a half bucks profit and,thats only if you have an 8 inch design,now if you did a 12 inch design youre,still making 12 13 14 bucks um,profit so huge amount of profit,it does take time though so although,your supplies,are not as high your time is really,valuable and you have to make sure you,are,aware of that and value your time and,your clients and customers are also,valuing your time,every once in a while i will run a,dollar decal sale and ill just,you know get a whole bunch of details,done at one time,and just kind of blow them out for super,super cheap,usually have a dollar hot sale and those,will go,extremely fast now i do have,i think about 1200 followers on my page,um so as soon as someone sees them,having a dollar detail sale they,are on that um and then,you know thats how i get some more,business though someone will,comment on a decal that i already sold,because usually i do like one of,um a design and one of that one color,and someone will be like oh i love that,design i love that,i want it in this color can you make it,for me yeah sure of course its you know,five inches its going to be eight,dollars and they have no problem,paying that because thats the design,that they really want so,that is just a quick tip for you and,some advice on what to charge for,regular details um and these details are,for cars computers water bottles um,the ones i sell are specifically,permanent so they are,i think ive had my design on the back,of my car now,for three or four years and no issues so,they are made to last for sure if you,have any questions please let me know

How to Price Your Custom T shirts and Decals

hey its Betsy from cuttin corners vinyl,in Nederland Texas and today we have a,very informative video we are going to,go over how to price your custom worth,now before we get into the video Im,sorry if there is an echo in the room we,are moving to a different studio space,so I have a lot of things packed up so,theres not as much stuff to keep the,volume from bouncing off the walls now,one of the most important things that,you can remember about pricing custom,work is time and what Im talking about,as far as time goes is your time how,much money do you want to make an hour,so lets start this off and say you want,to make $15 an hour making custom,projects so Jos mowed down the road came,and asked you to make a custom shirt for,it now you know from start to finish,which when I say start to finish from,when you get on that computer to lay out,your design to cutting it weeding it and,sticking it its going to take you about,30 minutes so if youre wanting to make,$15 an hour,youre gonna divide 15 by 1/2 so that,would equal 750 so no matter what the,minimum charge is going to be seven,dollars and fifty cents that is for your,time now another thing you need to,factor in is materials and whenever you,factor in your materials youre always,going to want to at least double the,cost of your materials one there could,be issues with making a mistake and,having to start over plus you want to be,able to keep increasing your business so,you have to bring in a profit so you can,get more materials the next time so say,you go to Hobby Lobby and you buy a,guild and shirt for four dollars so you,know youre going to charge Jos mow down,the road eight dollars just for the,blank t-shirt now say you go and pick up,a roll of heat transfer vinyl,and it is $4 for a foot of it so say you,do your design and its 10 and a half,inches wide by 10 inches tall that,pretty much uses that entire piece so,you dont want to calculate by the,inches because again you have to have,some leeway in case there are mistakes,so you would charge him the $4 times 2,so thats another $8 so again youre,going to add now the cost of the shirt,which is 8 plus the cost of the,materials which is another 8 so that,makes 16 and then youll add in your,time which would make it 20 350 so the,cost of the shirt for Joe snow down the,road would be $23.50 now a lot of times,whenever youre factoring out custom,work there are some of those things that,you dont think about to include in the,cost if youre making a decal for,someone are you using transfer tape well,they need to be charged for the transfer,tape so you may need to figure out how,much it cost you per foot a transfer,tape and divide it out and then youll,know how much to charge for a 12 by 12,inch decal inks if youre using any type,of printable material such as like the,color jet 3 or if youre doing any type,of dye sublimation again you have to,divide out those cost because if not,youre not getting paid fully for your,work another thing Im going to tell you,that its extremely important is dont,price your sales the same as everybody,else,you will always always find people who,will do the same job as you for half the,cost now thats not saying that they,dont need the money its just saying,that a lot of times theyre not,factoring in all of the things that go,into creating and sustaining a business,theyll think well if I price the shirt,at ten dollars will I will,get the job but lets think about that,if they price the same shirt that youre,doing for twenty three fifty at $10 an,hour or $10 for the shirt theyre making,a minimum of two dollars for profit now,do you think two dollars is enough for,thirty minutes of your time I dont,think so and then that doesnt even,start to calculate in the cost of,utilities the overhead cost and there,are some good pricing softwares out,there that can kind of help you,determine the cost of goods and the cost,of everything and factor it out for you,theres price it which is the software,we use what was the other one that we,had Mary fast manager business that one,was more for screen print but those can,be a little on the expensive side,especially when youre just starting out,and this is a good basic table,calculation that you should be able to,do whether it be a decal doing lettering,on a vehicle doing a custom shirt this,makes it a little bit simple because,sometimes you just got to keep it simple,to start with now hopefully this gives,you some good information to go on to,start pricing your custom work if you,have any questions leave them down below,I always try to get back and answer as,many as possible dont forget to check,us out on all of our social medias,Facebook snapchat Twitter Instagram as,well as tomorrow will be kids crafts,with Cameron but I guess thats it for,today so we will see yall tomorrow bye

[How To] Make, Price, Package, and Sell Vinyl Stickers || EmiiCreations

hi guys welcome to another emmy,creations video and today were going to,go over,everything you need to know to sell,vinyl stickers,for those who dont know me my name is,emily and i run a small business called,emmy creations that sells,merchandise for my own art the first,thing were going to go over,are different types of stickers what,materials they made out of and what,theyre used for,so the first being vinyl stickers now,these,are made of basically plastic theyre,very durable they dont,tear usually vinyls also have an overlay,that allows it to be water resistant uv,resistant,and basically great to use outdoors,youll see them used on things like,hydroflask because youll be,often washing your hydroflask you also,find them on laptops,towers notepads phones games,anything that may be used frequently or,taken outside or,allow permanent adherence well the,second most common type is paper,stickers,now you can actually make these out of,common labels you can find at office,supply stores,and print them at home and cut them out,with a circuit,these are fully for planners bullet,journals,a to-do list anything that doesnt need,to be water resistant or uv resistant,use inside or within notebooks that will,be covered,and safe and protected those are great,for paper stickers,the third example i dont have on me but,one of my friends started making it,recently and its a relatively,new type of material they are washy,stickers so similar to how washi tape,work washi stickers,are more transparent theyre very,delicate,but theyre also slightly removable so,theyre ready for planners bullet,journals similar,product types but theyre they have the,added benefits of being slightly,removable,and have a very different texture to,them so for this,video specifically were only going to,be going over vinyl stickers and,the vinyl three-inch stickers or the,individual stickers and the sticker,sheets,so usually the question youre gonna,have starting off is,where do i get these stickers or how do,they make them,so i actually do have a great video on,how to hand,make spinal stickers high quality vinyl,stickers,at your own home and ill link it below,and above,somewhere and it will show you what,materials to use,how to buy them where to get them how to,print them,how to uv spray them and then how i cut,them out,if youre hand making them usually the,first batch you might hand cut but then,youll get,tired of it and then youll probably,eventually get a circuit,or silhouette cutter a lot of my friends,and myself who make,a lot of stickers they will use circuit,or silhouette cutters,now i personally have a silhouette color,i like the silhouette because the,program,that comes with the silhouette is very,intuitive um,ive heard both have their own share of,problems this is,not going to be like which one you,should buy video its just say,if you want to go that route think about,investing,in a silhouette or circuit cutter,eventually,the second way to make stickers is what,ive,graduated into is to find a manufacturer,for your stickers now i personally use,standout stickers i love stand up,stickers ive been using them for years,i have,everything good to say from them but,they do have a very high 125 sticker,minimum if youre looking for a smaller,minimum if youre starting out or,something like that,you can look something into like sticker,meals a very popular one,vinyl disorder maybe a local sticker,printing company,those are all great names ill link all,the ones i know below as well for you to,check out,and compare prices with definitely dont,be afraid to make these at home to start,off with,for the first two to three years of my,sticker,selling timeline i was printing,100 of my stickers at home and sometimes,still make,my stickers at home if its for one off,print or custom stickers,i also used to make all of my sticker,sheets at home definitely,for sticker sheets though you do have to,have a silhouette or circuit,because youre not going to be able to,hand cut the half cuts you need,for the inside of the stickers but,definitely these can also be made at,home nowadays i actually do,make all of my sticker sheets from,standout stickers as well,they unfortunately do charge you per cut,so the more,little sticker designs that you have on,the sheet,relatively the more expensive its going,to be and its probably only cost,effective once you get,up to the 200 300 all the way to the 500,number minimum number of orders,otherwise its going to be,really expensive and i do recommend you,rather print it at home if youre,only interested in 20 to 100 sheets of,stickers,so just as a creepy cap if you want to,make your stickers at home,check out my video if you are looking,for,a cutter i recommend silhouette cutter,or circuit color,if you are looking to manufacture it i,recommend standout stickers,vinyl disorder or sticker meal and all,of those will be linked below let me,know if you have any questions about any,of those,i will be happy to give you some advice,of what i think will be best for your,situation,now lets go over pricing usually,pricing depends on the size of the,stickers so,ive sold stickers like this size which,is a two inch sticker,heres a three inch sticker and you can,even go bigger to,four or five inch stickers i personally,recommend,three inch stickers or a little under,three inch 2.5 inch stickers because,those seem to be the perfect size for,phones and a lot of people,at stores or at my booth will actually,match the sticker up to the phone to,make sure,it fits on their phone so 2.5 to 3 inch,is a great,in-between or 2 inches is also great and,will fit a few of them,on your phone the only issue with 2-inch,stickers,is that the price if youre getting it,from a manufacturing company like,standout stickers or sticker meals,the price to manufacture these two is,not that different,but the price to sell is probably a,dollars difference,so the two inch stickers i sell for two,dollars,the three inch stickers i sell for three,out three dollars,so i kind of use that as a basis of how,many inches theyre getting,so three inch three dollars four inch,ill probably do four,to five five inch stickers would be five,to six dollars,so they either match the inches or you,can add one dollar on top of that,depending,on your your sticker exclusively and,your personal preference,the second thing i also sell is sticker,sheets now sticker sheets come,in a multiple of sizes you can have the,size that i sell at which is four by six,or you can have a smaller version,which i think is a three by four and,ive seen bigger versions,up to a 5×7 sticker sheet but i,personally like the 4×6 size and i sell,these for,five dollars i think you can go in a,range,of five to seven dollars that would be a,comfortable range for sticker sheets,depending on,how big them they are but i personally,like doing,five dollars because i feel like thats,a good even number if people are giving,you cash they just hand you a five,dollar bill,now going to wholesale prices its very,very simple,for wholesale all you have to do is take,your retail and cut it,straight in half so if you have a five,dollar sticker,your wholesale price will be 250. if you,have a three dollar sticker,your wholesale price would be 150 and,those are the exact prices that i use,for my wholesale,now lets talk about packaging your,stickers so specifically most of the,time,when im selling in person i dont have,packaging,i just hand them a sticker like this and,this is what they get,maybe i have a little bag like a little,paper bag,for all their merchandise that they,bought at my table and ill give it to,them in a little baggie,once theyre done with their shopping,but usually sometimes if theyre just,buying one sticker i just hand this to,them,and im okay with that because on all of,my stickers,i actually have my brand,labeled on there so whenever i make my,stickers,i make sure to have on the edge emmy,creations maybe a copyright mark,so they know where to go if they have,any issues want t

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