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When you shop on Minted, you gain access to unique and modern designs submitted by thousands of independent artists from around the globe. In fact, Minted features work from artists located in over 100 countries. We host dozens of design competitions throughout the year and consistently update the inventory of our save the date designs with the winning submissions. We strive to offer some of the most unique design options that you will find online. Once you find a design that captures your eye, easily explore other designs or products that the same artist may have with us on Minted.


While save the date cards are not a requirement, you are more likely to end up with a guest list full of all your favorite people if you give them adequate notice to hold your date. Magnetic save the dates are intended to provide advance notice to your guests to block out time in their schedule for your wedding, before you may or may not have many of your other wedding details finalized. Beyond just the date, this correspondence is often used to provide a general wedding location - usually, a city and state will do - so guests can begin to consider travel options that will be required to attend your wedding. For more complex affairs, guests will need time to consider whether a big trip is in their budget and whether taking time off of work will be possible. Sending communication well in advance of your event will ensure that guests are prepared to RSVP promptly when the time comes to do so. Read through our post on mistakes to avoid as you prepare this first correspondence to your guests.

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Generally, it’s recommended that save the dates be sent out 8-12 months in advance for a destination wedding, and four months in advance for a local affair. Save the date magnets for weddings are a unique way to ask your family and friends to mark their calendars for your big day. Formal invitations generally follow about 12 to 8 weeks before the event. Consider any additional details specific to your wedding that guests may need to know within a certain time frame in order to make appropriate arrangements. Are flights to your location cheapest within a certain timeframe? Consider including this information on your save the date or include a link to your free Minted Wedding Website, which is included with your purchase of Minted save the date magnets. And don’t forget to consider where your guests will be coming from; a local event for you may still require significant travel for many of your guests.


Photos are a great way to customize your save the date magnet and make it reflect you and your love. Use an image from your proposal or engagement shoot for a very personalized look. For a more avant-garde vibe, opt for a non-photo design and let your style shine through while showcasing the work of one of Minted’s many independent artists.

Confused about which design direction to take? You may want to review our post on unique magnet ideas and looks. If you haven’t nailed down a venue but know you’re looking for a mountain locale, let your first piece of wedding communication hint at that feel by choosing a design with a rustic vibe. If you are planning for a coastal wedding ceremony, a beach or nautical theme might be a good first look. Planning a wedding in a major metropolitan city? We have some creative designs specific to popular cities and states. If finalizing a theme feels like too much of a commitment, consider a minimal abstract design in black and white. Any colors and themes you eventually choose for your wedding in the future will blend perfectly with such a classic look.

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Take a look at some of the design elements available to you through Minted’s personalization tools.

  • Pick a Color Scheme: Perhaps you have finalized your wedding colors and theme and want to make sure your wedding correspondence follows suit. Easily filter our design options to only show card designs that are in the color of your choice.
  • Photo or Non-Photo: Take a look through all our various designs. Easily navigate through designs that feature no photo, predominantly feature one photo, or feature numerous photos. Upload a photo and select the “Use My Photo” option to quickly see your photo displayed in all our designs. This will help you get a good understanding of how each design pairs with your exact photo.
    Our photo upload tool also allows users to attach a filter to their photo such as sepia or black-and-white. Give your photo a new look and see how it plays in our designs.
  • Change the Text: Did you have a particular phrase or saying that you wanted to be displayed in your messaging? All of our designs can have the primary greeting changed. Easily adjust the size, styling, and color of the text that appears on your design. Drag and drop text anywhere on the magnet.

Once you have finalized your magnet’s look, it is a best practice to carry that same theme and color palette over into your future wedding correspondence, such as your wedding invitations, bridal shower invitations, bachelorette party invitations, and thank you cards. Minted is here to help make that process as seamless as possible for you.Opting for matching save the date magnets and wedding invitations presents a cohesive image to your guests and sets the tone for a seamless, memorable event.


Having a destination wedding in a far-off location? Lucky you! In this situation, you may have more details you need to provide to guests in advance. Use this opportunity to provide information on lodging details and room blocks that guests may need to reserve far in advance. If that feels too cluttered for your beautifully minimal design, consider providing a link to your Minted Wedding Website, where you can outline everything they need to know and direct them back as new details emerge. And Minted’s save the date magnets will serve as the perfect visual reminder on the fridge for guests to make those plans quickly, so you won’t be left calling guests one-by-one reminding them to book!

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Our wedding magnets are printed on a thick and luxurious matte card stock affixed to a magnetized backing. Just like our other wedding stationery products, Minted's save the date magnets are available in a wide range of designs and colorways, and with foil-press embellishments; all starting at $2.40 each. They measure in at postcard size - 4.25” x 6” - and are sent in a standard envelope just like our traditional save the date cards. We offer plenty of designs in both a landscape and portrait arrangement, in case you have a particular engagement photo that would fit better in only one of those arrangements. Our expansive library of designs, customization options, and access to design professionals allows you to create the best save the date magnets imaginable. We even offer free personalized samples so you can see your designs in person before making a purchase.

In our effort to help you make every detail of your momentous day exactly how you imagined, each of our designs come with unlimited online proofs from your dedicated Minted designer. That’s right. Every customer that works with Minted during the online design process will be assigned a personal design associate that will review your card personalization updates and ensure your final card design matches what you had envisioned. Leave messages for us or use our online chat tool for guidance along the way. Your design associate will work back and forth with you until everything is perfect.

Lastly, take advantage of our free recipient addressing that we provide with every order. Simply upload a spreadsheet of the addresses of your guests (or use our new mobile app to collect addresses), and we will professionally print those addresses on every envelope we send you. You will even have the opportunity to select different patterns for the address labels. Choose from designs that feature flowers, hearts, stylistic wording, and so much more!

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Minted is dedicated to helping you make your big day everything you imagined. From inspiration, and etiquette, to helping you figure out where to start, we are here every step of the wedding planning process. If you are struggling with finalizing a color theme for your wedding and your wedding stationery, we provide plenty of helpful resources. Confused about the timeline of planning and what to do first? Visit our complete wedding planning checklist for all the important steps, and when to execute them.

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Should you do magnet save the dates? ›

It's always best to put a 'magnet enclosed' note on the outside of the envelope. 4. Not putting enough information. Always make sure you include the wedding location, such as your hometown or a destination wedding locale, along with the date so that guests can make travel plans.

How do you attach a magnet to a Save the Date? ›

You could use slits in the card, photo corners, or even ribbon (with holes punched in the card) to attach the magnet to the card. In the case of the small 3.5x2 inch magnet, you could just get the mini envelopes, and then put the enveloped magnet in the larger 5x3. 5 inch envelope to mail.

What size should Save the Date magnets be? ›

You can create a unique save the date magnet in any size, and the size you choose can affect how you send them out to guests. Small wedding magnets measuring 3.5" x 4" or 4" x 5.5" fit easily into standard size envelopes. Magnets measuring 5" x 7" might require a specialty mailer or large envelope.

How heavy is a magnet Save the Date? ›

How heavy is one magnet? Can I mail them? Our 17.5mm thick magnets are 0.72 oz (per unit), which is light enough to be mailed with a standard postage stamp. There will be no additional mailing cost for the size or weight.

Why you should not drop a magnet? ›

Permanent magnets can lose their magnetism if they are dropped or banged on enough to bump their domains out of alignment.

How many stamps does a magnet save the date need? ›

FYI - sadly I learned this the hard way, but magnet save the date postage requires a $0.71 post stamp (one forever & one postcard stamp, or 1x 2 oz stamp) even if the weight is under an oz.

Can magnets be mailed through USPS? ›

Magnets must be enclosed in the flat-size mailpiece and either must be affixed to the contents, wrapped within the contents to prevent excess shifting, or fill the envelope with no more than 1/2 inch clearance between the left and right edges of the magnet and the mailpiece edges.

Should save the dates be glossy or matte? ›

For personal-use postcards including travel postcards, save the dates, and holiday cards, many people prefer to print on matte paper for a cozier feel (plus the matte coating is easier to write on).

Are you allowed to send magnets in the mail? ›

Magnetized materials which are regulated are prohibited. See 622.4. Domestic Mail via Air Transportation: Magnetized materials that have a magnetic field strength greater than 0.00525 gauss at 15 feet are prohibited. A magnetic field strength less than 0.002 gauss at a distance of 7 feet is not regulated.

What is the correct way of storing magnet? ›

Store your magnets in pairs – Keep magnets in pairs to avoid both north and south sides from touching. Both poles of the same alignment should never be allowed to touch, as this will cause the magnetic fields to repel and cause the magnets to weaken over time.

How much does a 3x5 magnet weight? ›

Some people might consider the magnets as being too small (3x5), but I think they are the perfect size. My biggest concern about getting the magnets was if they would cost extra to mail, but the magnets are very light weight (. 5 oz) and should only require regular postage.

Does size matter in a magnet? ›

The answer is yes. Far away from the magnet, the field strength falls off as the cube of the distance. For a uniformly magnetized material, the strength of that field will be proportional to the volume of the magnet. If a magnet is twice as long, with other dimensions fixed, its field far away will be twice as strong.

How far in advance should save the dates go out? ›

As a general rule, it's best to send Save the Dates 8 to 12 months prior to your wedding (send them earlier for a destination or holiday weekend). Given enough notice, you may be surprised by the distance that family and friends will come from to be able to attend!

Can a magnet pull a trigger? ›

The magnetic pull of the gun magnet would then have to be strong enough to pull the trigger of the gun OR somehow release the sear independently of the trigger. Luckily, this scenario is impossible because: As shown earlier, gun magnets are not strong enough to magnetically move the components of a gun.

Can a magnet pull a paper clip? ›

Magnets have the ability to attract certain metals like iron and steel. Metal paper clips are made from steel and should be attracted by a magnet.

What should you not put by a magnet? ›

Below we have listed a few tech items that you should keep away from magnets and what may happen if they do come in contact with one.
  1. Credit Cards. Credit and debit cards in the U.S. are often made with a magnetic stripe. ...
  2. Computer Hard Drives. ...
  3. Phones. ...
  4. Televisions. ...
  5. Pacemakers. ...
  6. Anything with Magnetic Data.
31 Jul 2014

What are the dangers of magnets? ›

They are so strong that if more than one is swallowed, they can attract to each other across tissue, cutting off blood supply to the bowel and causing blockages, tissue injury, severe infection, and even death. Initially, if a child swallows magnets, there might be no symptoms, giving a false sense of relief.

What we should not do with magnet? ›

Magnets can pinch and break bones. Use extreme caution when handling magnets to avoid magnets snapping or slamming together. Do not put hands, fingers or any other body parts between magnets.

When did you stop having to lick stamps? ›

Most U.S. stamps issued since 2002 have been self-adhesive, according to the Postal Service, but some lower-denomination stamps are still offered in perforated coils with moisture-activated adhesive. The road to this day has been a long one.

Is it OK to handwrite save the date envelopes? ›

The choice is always yours — handwritten, faux, monk or machine. Just make sure to consult your wedding planning budget first, and then make the best decision on how to address your envelopes.

Do I need to use 2 Forever Stamps? ›

For any domestic mail piece that weighs more than one ounce, you must include additional postage along with your Forever Stamp to ensure USPS delivery. Also, you may purchase higher denomination postage stamps for heavier postage at the Post Office™. Avoid placing two Forever Stamps on a mail piece for heavier mail.

How much do magnets cost to mail? ›

Magnetic Mailers — including Every Door Direct magnets — are an effective, affordable way to canvas an entire area. Postage can be as low as 18.3 cents per piece, no envelopes are required and there's no need to buy a mailing list.

What items are prohibited to send by USPS? ›

Some items are prohibited (completely forbidden). Some are restricted (allowed under certain conditions).
You can't send these items in the U.S. mail:
  • Air Bags.
  • Ammunition.
  • Explosives.
  • Gasoline.
  • Marijuana (medical or otherwise); hemp/CBD is allowed, but restricted.

Are magnets considered hazardous material? ›

For air shipment purposes, magnets are considered "dangerous goods". As such, the International Air Transport Association's (IATA) Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) must be followed. Flux measurements of all packages containing magnets must measure less than 0.00525 gauss 15' from the package.

What size should I print my save the dates? ›

The standard save the date size is a 5” x 7” card, which is an ideal size to convey your essential wedding details as well as some hints at your wedding aesthetic.

What pictures do you use for save the dates? ›

When it comes to choosing a save the date photo, I recommend keeping these four things in mind:
  • Quality. A picture taken on a phone doesn't always work best for printing. ...
  • Negative Space. Photos with negative space make for the best save the date designs, in my opinion. ...
  • Faces are Featured. ...
  • Matches Your Theme.
5 Oct 2018

What should save the dates look like? ›

The save-the-date should definitely include your and your partner's names, wedding date (or dates, for a wedding weekend), location (a town or city is helpful, even if the venue isn't booked yet) and a notice for a formal invitation to follow.

Can you mail magnets through ups? ›

The following items may be shipped by UPS but are restricted to specific quantities, size and/or value: Dangerous goods. Magnets.

Can a paperclip go through the mail? ›

Avoid staples, paper clips or other items that may poke out of envelopes. These items will jam in mail processing equipment or can injure mail carriers who handle the items. Labels affixed to letters and parcels should adhere to the item.

Can you ship magnets Fedex? ›

The Rules & Regulations

Rule #1: For any package shipped by air, whether it is labeled magnetic or not, the field strength must be 5.25 milligauss or less at a distance of 15 feet from the surface of the package (FAA Title 49, Part 173.21 Forbidden materials and packages).

Do magnets need keepers? ›

Many magnets do not need a keeper, such as supermagnets, as they have very high coercivities; only those with lower coercivities, meaning that they are more susceptible to stray fields, require keepers.

What is the correct arrangement to store two magnets? ›

To keep them safe, magnets should be kept in pairs with their unlike poles on the same side. They must be separated by a piece of wood while two pieces of soft iron should be placed across their ends.

Why should magnets be stored with a keeper? ›

Magnets are stored with magnetic keepers because with time magnets tend to lose their magnetic behavior. This is called self-demagnetization. To avoid this, pieces of iron known as keepers are placed across both ends of a magnet. These keepers help the Magnet to preserve its magnetism over a long period of time.

Does bigger magnet mean more power? ›

The bigger the magnet is, the more reactive and powerful the driver will be. A powerful permanent magnet also translates to a more sensitive loudspeaker. Neodymium is a powerful natural magnet. A small piece of neodymium has stronger electromagnetic currents than an inferior magnet of the same size.

What is a good magnet size? ›

Widely-used magnet sizes are: 2” x 3.5” and 3” x 4”.

How big are Shutterfly save the date magnets? ›

Measures 2.5" x 2.5" and is 1/4" thick. Arrives with a removable film to protect image. Click here to get started! Display all notes, reminders and pictures with our personalized metal magnet.

What shape of magnet is strongest? ›

The most iconic and strongest magnet is the horseshoe. It is shaped like a letter U, with the poles pointing in opposite directions. They have a strong magnetic field. These are made by bending a regular bar magnet into a horseshoe shape.

What are the 3 main types of magnets? ›

There are three types of magnets: permanent magnets, temporary magnets, and electromagnets. Permanent magnets emit a magnetic field without the need for any external source of magnetism or electrical power.

Do magnets get stronger when stacked? ›

As more magnets are stacked together, the strength will increase until the length of the stack is equal to the diameter. After this point, any further magnets added will provide a negligible increase in performance.

Who name goes first on save-the-dates? ›

It's traditional to list the bride's name first; for same-sex couples, consider alphabetizing. The wedding location. You've likely booked the venue at this point, but don't include the address just yet. City and state are all that's needed for now.

Do you put RSVP on save the date? ›

DON'T include reply cards.

Unlike invitations, there's no need to include RSVP cards with your Save the Dates. Guests aren't expected to respond until they receive the invitation, although some may.

Do you put plus one on save-the-dates? ›

When to include a plus-one on the save the date: Married, engaged, and cohabitating guests should get a plus-one. Give your wedding-party members a plus-one. Guests who have been with their partner for so long that it'd be awkward not to invite them.

Can a magnet set off a bullet? ›

Usually, the answer is no.

Typically, no. Most bullets aren't ferromagnetic – they aren't attracted to magnets. Bullets are usually made of lead, maybe with a copper jacket around them, neither of which sticks to a magnet. These magnets made a bullet tumble on Mythbusters, but didn't change where it hit the target.

Which magnet has the strongest pull? ›

The quadrupole magnets are the strongest. In addition, the quadrupoles are the most powerful. They are used for focused particle beams and for particle accelerators. The strength of the magnetic field is measured in kilograms, and the surface area is referred to as magnetization.

How do you escape a magnet pull? ›

Having the Ability Run Away or holding a Smoke Ball allows the Pokémon to flee or use Teleport, but not switch. If a wild Pokémon has Magnet Pull and the player's Steel-type Pokémon faints, if the player attempts to flee instead of sending out another Pokémon, they are unaffected by Magnet Pull.

Can you drill through a magnet without breaking it? ›

Even though magnets are some of the strongest and most versatile everyday objects, they can become quite fragile when they are penetrated by the sharp point of a drill. It is also a good idea to drill from both sides to prevent the fragile material from breaking.

Do magnets still work if you cut them? ›

You can think of a magnet as a bundle of tiny magnets, called magnetic domains, that are jammed together. Each one reinforces the magnetic fields of the others. Each one has a tiny north and south pole. If you cut one in half, the newly cut faces will become the new north or south poles of the smaller pieces.

What must a magnet always have? ›

A: Both halves of the magnet would also have north and south poles. If you cut each of the halves in half, all those pieces would have north and south poles as well. Pieces of a magnet always have both north and south poles no matter how many times you cut the magnet.

Can magnets affect clocks? ›

Magnetism affects the parts inside the movement, and may cause failure to keep correct time. But it does not affect its accuracy, so keep it away from magnetic sources and correct the time.

What is the purpose of a magnetic bookmark? ›

Easily mark your place in a book with these fun magnets. No need to bend corners or search through pages, know exactly where you left off with these Magnetic Pointing Bookmarks. Kikkerland's Magnetic Pointing Bookmarks are versatile, fun to use pointers that mark exactly where you left off in a book, magazine or paper.

Do magnets attract coins? ›

In fact, no current coins from the United States are attracted to magnets. Some coins from England and Canada are made of steel. Steel is a kind of metal. It is attracted to the magnetism of a magnet.

Should we store magnet? ›

To store a bar magnet, they should be kept in pairs with their unlike poles on the same side.

What should you not put magnets on? ›

All Permanent Magnets (Except for Flexible Magnet Material)

Magnets should not be placed in close proximity to media devices and older electronics, such as floppy disks or video tapes. Modern cell phones are safe near small magnets. In fact, rare earth magnets are used in the phone's speaker.

What are the dangers of using magnets? ›

The stronger a magnet gets, the more it increases in danger. That is why you should read the safety tips before buying neodymium magnets. The pulling force results in injuries if you do not handle them with care. Fingers and skin can get caught between strong magnets, and the bigger ones can even cause bone fractures.

Is magnetic bookmark good? ›

Magnetic bookmarks are a great example of practical and durable advertising material. It is a very interesting and convenient solution - thanks to the built-in magnets, they hold the pages, preventing the bookmark from falling out of the book.

Do magnets attract paper clips? ›

Magnets have the ability to attract certain metals like iron and steel. Metal paper clips are made from steel and should be attracted by a magnet.

Why paper clips are not attracted to magnets? ›

Paperclips are not naturally magnetic, so, on their own, they will not stick together to form a chain. However, by using a magnet the paperclips can become temporarily magnetized. The steel in a paper clip can be easily magnetized but will lose this magnetism quickly.

Does real gold or silver stick to magnet? ›

In their pure, natural forms, gold, silver, aluminum, copper, brass, and lead are not magnetic. This is because they are all weak metals. Adding iron or steel to these metals can make them stronger and magnetic.

Will a magnet pick up gold? ›

Pure gold is not attracted to magnetic fields, but if an enormous magnetic field is applied to gold, the gold will slightly move and then slightly repel it. However, this is only so slightly and so no, it cannot be found with magnets.

What coins will a magnet pick up? ›

Are There Any Coins (Besides The 1943 Steel Cent) That Are Magnetic? The 1943 steel cent is the only regular-issue United States coin that contains enough iron to be magnetic. While nickel is also magnetic, there isn't enough nickel in standard United States coins to make them magnetic.

Do magnets wear out over time? ›

So any magnet will slowly weaken over time. However, heating or dropping a magnet will hasten this process.

Does the cold ruin magnets? ›

Irreversible loss

When a magnet is heated above its maximum operating temperature but below its Curie temperature, it will experience irreversible losses in performance. This means if the magnet is then cooled, its performance will be weaker than it was before it was heated.


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