Where to buy Perrier-Jouet Belle Epoque - Fleur de Champagne Millesime Brut, Champagne | prices & local stores in VA, USA (2023)

2013 VintageTasted: Jan 2021

Magnificent glistening light gold. The nose is delicate yet expressive and complex with a white fruit note, floral and biscuit touch. The palate shows more of the same and is silkily textured with remarkable tension and full-on aromas. Stunning.

2012 VintageTasted: Jun 2020

Guia Peñin Burbujas. Color: dorado brillante. Nariz: hierbas de tocador, con carácter, fruta madura, frutos secos, lácticos, brioche. Boca: potente, sabroso, buena acidez, burbuja fina.

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2002 VintageTasted: Jan 2020

(2020) The 2002 Belle Epoque is 50% Chardonnay, 46% Pinot Noir with 4% Pinot Meunier. Some critics have claimed it is too soft and too forward for a deluxe cuvée from the outstanding 2002 vintage, but I have to say I found this to be both seductive and beautifully pitched. The colour has a little golden hue and there is loads of creamy, nutty, gently toasty development, but ripe rosy apple fruit too. In the mouth it is generous and sweet-fruited, a pillow of soft mousse flows across the tongue, then suddenly there's an initial spark of citrus and salt, that develops nicely into a long tantalising finish playing sweetness against sharpness delightfully. Possibly not a wine for extended cellaring, but a joy now.

About Tom Cannavan

2012 VintageTasted: Dec 2019

The iconic Belle Epoque bottle reveals a well-structured, taut wine. With Chardonnay very much in evidence in the mineral texture, the wine is almost as floral as the bottle. Drink from 2021. Roger Voss

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2012 VintageTasted: Jan 2019

Pale yellow with green tints. Very refined nose melding a floral dimension, mirabelle plum, a subtle smoke note, a creamy touch and herbs. The palate combines volume, fat and ethereal character, all of which is supported by delicious freshness. A consummate Champagne.

2011 VintageTasted: Dec 2018

Always a light, ethereal style of wine, this is also very fresh and still young. It will age with its taut minerality from the Chardonnay in the blend. A softer background will become toasty over the next few years. The vintage date on this bottle is 200 years after the foundation of this producer. Drink from 2021. Roger Voss

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2008 VintageTasted: Nov 2018

Leuchtendes Goldgelb mit Grünreflexen, feines, anhaltendes Mousseux. Feine weiße Blüten, floral unterlegter Pfirsichtouch, zart nach Mango, ein Hauch von Biskuit und Limettenzesten, zarter Honig. Saftig, zarte weiße Tropenfrucht, cremige Textur, dezente Süße klingt an, lebendiger Säurebogen, anregende Frische und Mineralität, leichtfüßiges, salziges Finale, zeigt gute Länge, ein finessenreicher Speisenbegleiter. Peter Moser

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2011 VintageTasted: Nov 2017

Hefe, Quitte, Akazienhonig, Stroh, reif und vielschichtig im Duft, ein Hauch von Vanille, geröstete Erdnuss. Am Gaumen weich und nahezu cremig ansetzend, feines Mousseux, von relativ kräftiger Süße gestützt, fruchtgetragene Gaumenmitte mit leichter Viskosität, ausleitend wieder mollig, weich, beerig, eher fruchtig als mineralisch.

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2002 VintageTasted: Jul 2017

Mittleres Gelbgold. In der Nase feine Briocheanklänge, reifer gelber Apfel, zart nach Birnen, ein Hauch von Blütenhonig, sehr klar, zitronige Nuancen, mineralischer Touch, sehr attraktiv. Elegante Textur, vinöser Stil, feine apfelige Frucht, rassige Struktur, gut integrierte Extraktsüße, bleibt sehr gut haften, gutes weiteres Entwicklungspotenzial.

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2008 VintageTasted: Jan 2017

The latest release in this series of wines with its Belle Epoque bottle is, as always, a blend dominated by Chardonnay. So although the dosage is relatively high, that is balanced by fine acidity and minerality. It is a stylish wine, ripe and with the maturity to drink now.

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2007 VintageTasted: Dec 2016

Mittleres Gelbgold, Silberreflexe, feines anhaltendes Mousseux. Ein Hauch von Mandelkrokant, zart floral unterlegte Tropenfrucht, Noten von Ananas und Papaya, mit Zitruszesten unterlegt. Am Gaumen elegant, weiße Frucht, frischer Säurebogen, Nuancen von Pfirsich und Blütenhonig im Abgang, lebendige Stilistik.

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2007 VintageTasted: Jun 2016

Deep yellow-gold. Profound nose revealing rich scents of candied citrus, dried fruits and pastries. Wonderful attack combining body, vinosity and softness. Intense aromatic expression. Substantial length supported by freshness.

2007 VintageTasted: Apr 2016

A blend with 50% of generous Chardonnay from Côte des Blancs- the Grand Cru villages of Cramant, Avize and Chouilly – 45% structured and fruity Pinot Noir – from the Grand Cru villages of Mailly, Verzy and Aÿ – and 5% Pinot Meunier from Dizy. This is a luminous and pure Champagne with an elegance that derives from the great depth achieved from sitting six years on the lees in the cellar. When disgorged it receives a classic dosage of 9g/l. Its aromatic profile evolves in three-dimensional harmony where the citrusy and balsamic freshness, the tasty and chalky minerality and floral notes of elder and jasmine combine with generous and crispy sensations of tropical fruit. The sensual mouthfeel has notes of linden and almond paste, with a pronounced and gratifying persistence, similar to a moon ray on a hot summer’s night, and a harmonious progression that never ceases to please the palate.

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2007 VintageTasted: Dec 2015

When to drink: 2016 to 2018

Verführerische Nase von Haselnuss und Blumen, ein Hauch Grapefruit; von superber Fruchtigkeit und Eleganz, cremig und luftig und fröhlich und stilvoll, beeindruckend lang: eine Sünde wert und ein stilvolles Geschenk.

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2007 VintageTasted: Jan 2015

For Perrier-Jouët the symbols of the Belle Epoque are the house calling card. This prestige cuvée, in its stylish flowered bottle, has been released with good maturity, offering toast as well as fruit and a crisp, tight and mineral backdrop. There is an elegant style to the wine, fresh and with poise. Drink now.

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2006 VintageTasted: Dec 2014

Perrier-Jouët hat die Belle-Epoque Nostalgie zum Markenzeichen erhoben: die serigrafierte Flasche der Spitzencuvées mit dem Blumenmuster ist legendär und eine Zierde für jede Tafel, weil sie den Zeitgeschmack der Jahrhundertwende zwischen Kitsch und Kunst exakt wiedergibt. Seit einigen Jahren stimmt auch die Qualität wieder voll und ganz, auch für diesen Jahrgang, der reife Fülle mit glasklarer Frische und Mineralität vereint und fröhliche Fruchtigkeit mit delikater Blumigkeit. Als Aperitif und zu Häppchen.

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2006 VintageTasted: Nov 2014

Medium yellow-green, lively mousse. An enticing bouquet of patisserie aromas, roasted almonds, underpinned with hints of rich white stone fruit and citrus zest. Elegant and well-balanced, elegant acidity profile, precise and very persistent with notes of fine yellow apple. A little nougat on the finish, a great food accompaniment.

About Falstaff

2004 VintageTasted: Nov 2013

Mittleres Grüngelb, feines, lebendiges Mousseux. Frische Apfelfrucht, Nuancen von Tropenfrüchten, feine Blütenanklänge, nussiger Biskuittouch. Saftig, feine gelbe Fruchtaromen, elegant und komplex, finessenreiche Struktur, mineralischer Touch, dezente Fruchtsüße, Mango und Birne im Nachhall, gutes Entwicklungspotenzial.

About Falstaff

1995 VintageTasted: Jul 2013

Soft and round, with more exotic fruit characters. This is ripe, the acidity well integrated. Citrus and toast mix with ripe apricot and pineapple. It exudes the more seductive side of this famous brand, now mature, but still very much alive.

About Wine Enthusiast

2006 VintageTasted: Jan 2013

This is a full-bodied and ripe wine, showing some toastiness as well as concentrated apple and peach flavors. There is a crisp edge to this opulent and rich wine. It has a great future: it is drinkable now, but will continue well into the 2020s.

About Wine Enthusiast

2004 VintageTasted: Jan 2012

This shimmers with its flavors of apple and lime, its hint of toast and its soft finish. It's finely balanced, a great selection that is ready to drink now.

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Where is Perrier-Jouët located? ›

Perrier-Jouët is a Champagne producer based in the Épernay region of Champagne. The house was founded in 1811 by Pierre-Nicolas Perrier and Rose Adélaide Jouët, and produces both vintage and non-vintage cuvee, approximately 3,000,000 bottles annually, with its prestige label named Belle Epoque.

How long can you keep Perrier-Jouët Champagne? ›

or keeping it for two to five years in good storage conditions. - If it is vintage, you may keep it in good storage conditions for up to fifteen years. Ageing duration may be extended for larger bottles.

What is the flower on the Perrier-Jouët bottle? ›


In 1902 he designed the iconic anemone wreathed in gold that was placed on the bottle of the first Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque vintage in 1964, turning it into a work of art the history of which unfurls and continues to this day.

Is Perrier Jouet Grand Brut sweet or dry? ›

Perrier Jouet Brut
Sweetness Level:BrutVintage:
Category:BasicPrestige Cuvée:

How do you pronounce Perrier-Jouet champagne? ›

How to Pronounce Perrier-Jouët? Champagne Pronunciation - YouTube

Is Laurent-Perrier the same as Perrier-Jouët? ›

Laurent-Perrier (pronounced [lɔ. ʁɑ̃ pɛ. ʁje]) is a Champagne house founded in 1812. It is the main company of the Laurent-Perrier Group, whose other flagship brands include the houses of Salon, De Castellane and Delamotte.
TypeSociété Anonyme
13 more rows

Should champagne be kept in the fridge? ›

Moët & Chandon winemaker Marie-Christine Osselin told the Huffington Post: “If you're planning to enjoy your bottle of champagne (or sparkling wine) within three to four days of the purchase, it is fine to store the bottle in the refrigerator.”

Is Belle Epoque champagne good? ›

It is not by chance that many experts consider it among the finest prestige cuvées in the world. Cuvée Belle Epoque is the perfect aperitif, or during a meal, its freshness and floral scents blend beautifully with the salty flavours of shellfish and fish or light white meat dishes.

Does champagne go bad in the fridge? ›

Never chill a champagne bottle in the freezer, or else you risk ruining its flavor. An opened bottle of champagne can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days if it's covered with a champagne sealer or hinged bubble stopper to help retain the texture.

Are Belle Epoque bottles hand painted? ›

Belle Époque is still today bottled in the striking hand-painted bottle that is instantly recognisable the world over. it is a captivating demonstration, not only of the art of blending, but also of the exceptional quality of the Perrier-Jouët vineyard.

Is Perrier-Jouët related to Perrier water? ›

(There are champagne houses by the name of Laurent-Perrier and Perrier-Jouët, but there is no connection.) Advertising in newspapers like the Daily Mail established the brand.

What does Perrier-Jouët taste like? ›

Tasting Note Perrier-Jouët Grand Brut NV

This excellent Champagne from Perrier-Jouët has delicate flavours of peach, honey and citrus. With its instantly recognisable label, it graces any event. The palate is round and fresh with a long, lingering finish.

Is Veuve a Clicquot? ›

It is one of the largest Champagne houses. Madame Clicquot is credited with major breakthroughs, creating the first known vintage champagne in 1810, and inventing the riddling table process to clarify champagne in 1816.
Veuve Clicquot.
IndustryChampagne production
5 more rows

How do you say Jouet? ›

How to Pronounce Perrier-Jouët? Champagne Wine French ...

How do you pronounce La Belle Epoque? ›

How To Say Belle Epoque - YouTube

How do you pronounce juett? ›

  1. Phonetic spelling of Juett. juet-t.
  2. Meanings for Juett. It is a Norman surname.
  3. Translations of Juett. Russian : Джуетт

Which is better Moet or Dom Perignon? ›

Moët has a much more generous, giving style whereas Dom Pérignon is more complex and subdued. They are made as much different champagnes.” Lots of lemon, creaminess and bright fruit. Good ripeness and great texture on the mouth.

Is Laurent-Perrier a nice Champagne? ›

☆☆☆☆☆ ☆☆☆☆☆ This is beautifully balanced with fine streams of flowing bubbles – the hallmark of the finest Champagne – leading to delicate citrus and subtle floral notes on the nose. Courtesy of one of the last great family-run houses in Champagne.

What is LP Champagne? ›

Description. Champagne - White French Wine. Wine of France. La cuvée comes from the purest grape juice and it alone is hand-crafted by Laurent-Perrier to create wines of extreme delicacy and palate-pleasing freshness through lengthy cellar-ageing.

What Brut means on Champagne bottles? ›

The word Brut is French for “dry” which means that Brut Champagne is a dry, sparkling wine. There are actually several different levels of Brut Champagne, each distinguished by the sweetness and acidity embodied in the wine.

Does Champagne go off? ›

As a rule, non-vintage Champagnes can be kept unopened for three to four years, and vintage cuvées for five to ten years. Champagnes will change as they age – most will become a deeper, golden colour and loose some of their effervescence.

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